[images] Rain and Flight: Close To The Sun exhibit at the ADEX 2011?

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

We’re asking that question because the unidentified post below (in Korean) from DC Inside hasn’t been translated but does mention the Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition, which started on Tuesday and runs through Sunday at Seoul Airport. So we’re figuring that the ROK Air Force, who was heavily involved in Rain’s new movie Flight: Close To The Sun, may have decided to put up a Flight exhibit there. Cool.

You can read about the ADEX 2011 HERE, on the KBS World news site.

(Images and post credit: DC / source: The Cloud Photo Board)

비상 촬영하면서 찍어놓은 영상 많을것 같아

서울 ADEX 2011 가면 비상관련 영상 조금이랑 체험 몇가지 할수 있나봐
저번에 기사로도 본것 같은데

마지막에 대본이 눈에 띄는

~ by Cloud USA on October 22, 2011.

7 Responses to “[images] Rain and Flight: Close To The Sun exhibit at the ADEX 2011?”

  1. can i ask rain and DBSK train together before being a singer right??? did he had comment for what happen to DBSK?? just asking…if u don’t want to answer it’s ok anf if u waant tnx!!!!


  2. Thanks for the info Stephe I love the display! I cannot wait to see this movie!!


  3. Wow!It’ very impressived how really giving value all the things that Rain’s costume for this movie.Perfect displayed “BEAUTIFUL”…thanks to Stephe & to all your staff…@ KS your right sweety i can’t wait to see some teaser Of Rain’s coming movie,i always searching in YT to see some scenes of this movie.I’m so much exited to see Rain for this heavy project…


  4. That’s soo cool!!! I love Rain’s silluete in the orange background!! He looks manly and sexilicious!! Roar!!! I wanna see that movie soo bad!!


  5. Thanks for sharing I like the display.


  6. ah thanks for the info Dear Stephe ^^


  7. yes it very side collection of “flight close to the sun” DISPLAY very nice i can’t wait to see the teaser and Rain movie here gotta be good as i will said peoples will love his Movies .
    yes that is pretty COOL… i am itching to see it soon 2012 aircrafts. O.O oh wowowo


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