[Tweets abound] Rain check: Adidas is “all in”, indeed.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

More Rain and Dara (Sandara Park) and 2NE1 for Adidas. Cool! (Images credited as tagged, @weibo)


A fresh image for the Rain/Adidas 3-in-1 Outdoors campaign. (Image credit: Adidas / alladidas @Twitter, 10.19.2011)

~ by Cloud USA on October 20, 2011.

6 Responses to “[Tweets abound] Rain check: Adidas is “all in”, indeed.”

  1. ssantokiiiii


  2. Simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. He looks SOO danged hot in all these pics but I especially love his smirk.


  4. I like Rain and Sandara Park in these photos.


  5. I love the last picture so completely gorgeous.


  6. wowowo he look freaking HOT in that Adidas i very love the heavy coat on him he sure pull it of then a actual MODEL are geseeeeeeeeeee USA u should hire Rain do endures coz u are miss out a good here
    i very love they he post in that bang and his hair i miss that hair so much talking about that i wondering how rain right now!! No update what soever he hanging in


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