Tweets abound: Nothing but strings.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Thank you, Randy, for sharing this absolutely precious picture from summer 2009.

(Image and Tweet credit: Randy Noh / showdirectorceo @Twitter, 10.19.11 / English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

showdirectorceo Randy Noh
이런 사진이 하나 있었네.2년전 여름 L.O.R 공연 준비중에.[태양을 피하는 방법] 인트로 부분 기타를 연습해보는…이 곡의 연출을 지훈이가 기타로 직접 연주하면서 등장하자는 얘기가 나오기도 했었던…ㅎㅎ!/showdirectorceo/status/126573434573553664/photo/1

I’ve come across this picture. In the picture, Jihoony (Rain) is seen practicing the guitar to play accompaniments for the intro part of his song “The Way To Avoid The Sun” in rehearsal for his Legend of Rainism concert two summers ago. In stagecraft of the performance, we thought Jihoony could appear on the stage while playing the guitar..haha.. 



As I recall, some of our favorite pictures came out of those LoR practice sessions, right, Rain fans?

Sexy backs, sexy fronts, and whatnot… ^@@^


And as you also may recall, one of the funniest times we’ve ever seen Rain with an acoustic guitar in his hand was waaaay back in the day, when he was mock-competing for HwangBo’s affections on the idol variety game show Love Mates (천생연분). Those two had so much fun with that, the giggly fools. keke Not to mention, he had everybody falling out with his fancy gee-tar playin’. LOL! ^@@^

(Video courtesy of MsMerra @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on October 19, 2011.

9 Responses to “Tweets abound: Nothing but strings.”

  1. Rain look so darn sexy in the pics!!!!! He was hilarious and cute in the video!!!! There would be no way I could concentrate on playing anything sitting in between his legs.


  2. Love this picts!! Arghhhh THE HAIR!!! Gawd, he looked soo handsome!! How come sweaty is the way I like him? It doesn’t make any sense to me!! Love it when his hair gets wet and falls over his face, his neck…Ok now I’m loosing it!! Please someone smack me in tha head!! Ouch!! Not soo hard!! *wimpers* Oh, man the video made me LMAO!!! I soo needed that!! He’s soo funny!! Love it when she’s between his legs trying to play that guitar!! Lol!! Like she’s gonna pay any attention with that sexy man behind her!! ROFL!! 😀


    • LMAO….i know how you feel dear..i wish i could be the girl, guitar and the stairs, that man could be sweaty, wet, or dry and he would still look SEXY kekeke 😀


    • @Mirsa
      am right here u need me !!!!!!!!!
      sexy to death ….!! look at rain even he set and cross his LEG yup!! my eye on that sexy seduce me here esp when i see him set like i will ZOOM “SWOON* he have that sexy brad shoulder , back neck lip, hair, from top to bottom PAMING ya……….!!
      gawd!!! all i could resist this guy are just so PERFECT that hair my finger want to brad all the time i see if he ever set next i just have to push my over that hair SERIOUS DUDE!!! :p)
      dang when he stand and hole that pole :SMOKE:
      I JUST be swoon under that leg and grap him down and do some rolling LOl… 🙂

      the vid so funny how he play the guitar! and the girl just like oh my god he stole my heart and rain are u listen to she like uh?????? LOl…the vid id funny and sweet i would love loverain to play me guitar! LOVE SONG if i can request it


  3. Stephe said:

    “Sexy backs, sexy fronts, and whatnot… ”

    Yeah, it’s that ‘WhatNot’ that gets me in trouble every time!


  4. Wonderful pics ….Pic 1 Rain playing guitar?, Is beautiful, and in the video he looks funny and so sweet.


  5. Thanks for sharing these are great pictures.


  6. This dont make no sense to why this man is so Damn SEXY. I love the video and at the end you can see Lee Young Jae come out of Ji Hoon kekeke 🙂


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