Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Images from Rain’s Live Charity concert in Japan, as shown in Innolife.  See more of these shots in the GALLERY below.  (Images: J.Tune / Source: Angelique, as tagged)

More Last of the Best rehearsal images to gawk at. Waaahhhh… 🙂 See more of these shots in the GALLERY below. (Images: as tagged / source: wawalalal @The Cloud Photo Board)

“Me and my boys, smellin’, feelin’… you know how we do IT.” Rain and hyungs before he stepped through the 306 Station gate and into military history. (Image: rainsha)

~ by Cloud USA on October 18, 2011.

10 Responses to “Rain check.”

  1. Thank you all for the clarification. Am I correct that I’m Latin American. I’m the few fans of Rain that exist in my country, recently a television station began to take in their programming Korean dramas and then I followed by internet. The love and admiration for Rain was at first sight andI have to say I’m not fan of any artist from the group MENUDO,I don’t know if you know them.

    But this “gift of life” has stolen my heart and I will be Rain fan not matter what. I would like to group all fans that exist in my country but I don’t know how to do, so ifyou have any recommendations are appreciated. So Cloud USA, thank you very much for keeping up to date on the news of Rain.


    • Marytere,

      All you need to do is start talking about Rain in your country and getting the word out about him.

      Get a free blog on a site that is popular in your country and start writing about him and posting pictures and videos. Getting the word out is all we are trying to do here at Cloud USA.

      Rain is such an amazing entertainer, that if you do that, then he will do the rest. Clouds just can’t help but follow once they get a glimpse of him. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at letitrain@cloudusa.org or stephe@cloudusa.or or terri@cloudusa.org.

      Good luck!

      Terri :-}


  2. Hi,

    First thanks for the photos, Rain looks great as always. I am American and my culture is extremely different from the Korean and I am would appreciate that someone can clarify my doubts. I can not understand the close relationship between Baekga and Rain. Rain claims that do not have time to go out with girls but it seems that often goes with his friend. This in my culture is very strange and difficult to understand. I do not understand that none of his women dancers went to say goodbye. It is very strange for me to see a man mourn for another unless other than your sentimental partner or family. I hope someone can somehow clarify my doubts and to forgive if you feel uncomfortable with my questions.


    • Hi, Marytere. 🙂 You’re very welcome.

      Well frankly, Rain can’t be seen going out with girls because ANY girl seen with him will immediately become a target for the Media (he’s sleeping with her! she’s the one! they’re getting married! they’re having a baby! are they breaking up! let’s go through her trash, on and on and on) and an even bigger target for nasty netizens, stalkers, and jealous fans (we hate her, she’s too ugly for him, let’s hack her blog, we want her to die, sending death letters, blood letters, but oppa you should love me, etc). In other words, her life will be a living hell and pretty dangerous, even is she is only a friend because people are crazy and think they own the man. I’m pretty sure that’s why none of his female dancers and female friends were seen visiting him these past few weeks — he told them not to because everyone would immediately attack and make up stories about whoever did (she’s giving him a final goodbye before enlistment, he’s sleeping with her!). When he does hit the scene with his woman, he will have sneaked way past the dating stage, way past the engagement stage, and be practically at the altar.

      Rain’s closeness with BbaekGa and his other blood brothers doesn’t seem that strange to me these days (I’m an American too, born and bred). Terri has been my best friend for years, I go out with her more than I go out with guys, and I would mourn her just like a sister because there are relationships thicker than blood. My brother has gone out with his friends more than he goes out with women (and he’s even straighter than I am, if that’s possible LOL) and he would mourn his best friend as much as I would mourn Terri or she me. My son has gone out with his friends more than with his girlfriend at times, and he has mourned the friends he has lost as hard as if they were blood.

      In South Korea, some men simply aren’t afraid to show their natural closeness, and it isn’t completely stifled there the way it is in other countries. It’s a difference in cultures. That’s all it is.

      Rain has said out of his own mouth that BbaekGa is his best friend (there is some extra sensitivity there because BbaekGa has almost died before). He’s also relayed stories and sang songs about his girlfriends over the years. That’s pretty much enough for me, what HE says, to heck with what anybody else says about him because they don’t know him. I will say, though, that if those two are closer than Rain is saying, I wouldn’t care. That’s his personal life, and he doesn’t owe me that, just like he can’t tell me what to do in mine. I just want him content, happy, healthy, and giving me great music, great shows, great movies and dramas so I can cheer him on on the world stage.

      Your questions didn’t make me uncomfortable at all. Thanks for your comment! I hope my answers didn’t make you uncomfortable. 🙂

      Anyone else care to chime in?

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Marytere,

      Hi. Welcome to Cloud USA. Thank you for your comments.

      First, let me say that as both me and Stephe are American also, we are probably not the best ones to explain the concept of “skinship” to you. So, I will defer this subject to someone who is more knowledgeable than myself. Anyone else want to take a stab at this?

      All I know are the basics. In Korea, a much more conservative culture than the U.S., public displays of affection between males and females (even if they are dating) is discouraged, but affection between the same sexes is completely accepted. Someone help me out here! In any event, in Korea you will find that people of the same sex are quite comfortable being together and touching each other in more intimate ways that we Americans are. Also, public display of affection between dating couples is not common–although I’ve been told that this is changing somewhat now, and that more and more couples are seen holding hands and hugging and kissing than ever, especially in areas/towns where young people congregate, like near universities.

      I do not know Rain personally. So, I have no idea what his sexual preference is. Nor does it matter to me, at all, what his sexual preference is. I am not married to the guy. However, I’m pretty sure that what we are witnessing between Rain and Baekga is a very close friendship between two men who have been friends for almost their entire lives.

      As for why his female dancers didn’t come to say goodbye to him on his enlistment day, who knows? I sure don’t. And I wouldn’t even bother to venture a guess. However, like Stephe said, if a girl did come to say goodbye to him, she would have never heard the end of it. So, I’m pretty sure that had a lot to do with it.

      Terri :-}


    • Hello Marytere Toro,

      First of all welcome to Cloud USA. I believe Stephe and Terri have given you the most thorough explanation possible regarding the difference in Korean culture and American culture in regard to public displays of affection. I am only adding that I was like you when I first became aware of Rain and this world of K-Pop and the Korean culture. I thought it was quite Strange to see two men showing such open affection. In American culture, this would signify they are partners (more than friends) or possibly related (father/son, brother/brother, uncle/nephew) as opposed to just drinking buddies/pals perhaps. So for this reason, it seemed strange to me too. Also, the fact that they couldn’t date openly was also quite strange…to my eyes as well. However, since I am more aware of the cultural differences it doesn’t seem as strange to me anymore looking from their perspective. I am still American, however, so my personal comfort levels remain very much intact, BUT I can suspend those feelings when it comes to opening my mind to the culture of another. I think it’s important to try, if you can, to understand differences so that true cultural exchange and acceptance can take place.


  3. first!!! just PERFECT POST in his outfit ever he SO HOT!!!!!!!!! SIMPLY HOT!! forwho he is and how he look ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 🙂
    2pict …gosh killing at that walking position and body i felt a Iar blowing at me whaoooooooooooooo again wooootttttttttt :P)
    3 pict fall in spell with his luscious lips JUST WENT GET SOME gem OUT FROM HIM AND TONGUE SPEAKING AWAWAWAW DAMIT!!!!!!!!!!!
    4pict they are so sweet Jtune Family very give rain a warm goddbye and Baekga i know for will EXTREMELY Miss rain so much what a bro…
    i very want rain black leather coat how stylish he is geseeeeeeeeee LOVE IT!! all this pict leave breathlesssssssssss


  4. First pic. I melt when Rain do that!! Arghh!! That’s what I call “drop your undies” position!! Second tru third pics. Damn, I love that “I’m in charge vibe”!! Soo sexy!! It works every time!! Four pic. That one made me cry! Ohh Baegka, you already miss your best hyung, don’t you sweety? Awwww Look at Baby Boo’s hand, I saw that and it killed me!! Niagara Falls coming up again!!


  5. The last picture with Rain and his crew is just…..aww….very cute. 🙂


  6. Really beautiful? Yessssssssss. He´s the most beautiful of this world…
    !!!Jung Jihoon!! !!Jung Jihoon!! !!Jung Jihoon!!


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