Influential Rain series 5: PURE Magazine brings on the Rain.

Written by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

[Cloud USA 10/18/2011] We continue our series with something recent that is directly connected to our previous Influential Rain series 2 article and its messages of water conservation and soil preservation: Singapore’s national water authority, PUB, is featuring South Korean mega-entertainer Rain (real name, JiHoon Jung) on the cover of the October-December 2011 issue of PURE Magazine, and is speaking on his efforts towards water conservation in their country in a feature article.

This from the official PUB government site:

No Ordinary Rain

What does Korean superstar Rain, have in common with the Singapore Civil Defense Force? Read about how both are scoring big on water conservation in this issue of PURE. Discover where the wild things are within the mangrove forest and rivers in Pasir Ris Park, which are rich in biodiversity, and explore the family-friendly makeover of Singapore’s oldest reservoir, the well-loved MacRitchie Reservoir. There’s just so much for you to find out and to get up close with water.

Have a PURE good read.

» You can download this issue and other issues of PURE Magazine on the PUB website HERE.

For the BEST Rain 2011 Asia concert tour stop at Singapore Indoor Stadium (May 22) in Kallang, the green theme was all about urging the population to change their lifestyles to include water conservation and recycling. There were water conservation messages, special events, and fan participation opportunities initiated by Rain and concert promoter Faith & D, endorsed by Singapore national water agency PUB, and carried out by local media outlets. As an added touch on that theme, Rain made it rain. An actual rainstorm with real water occurred in mid-concert and lasted for two and one-half minutes. And afterwards, the 1,000 liters of water were collected and recycled for the purpose of plant irrigation.

At the BEST Singapore press conference at the Marina Bay Sands Resort, Rain was presented with a national water authority certificate by PUB’s official mascot for his efforts in promoting water conservation in that country.

It is because of things like this that Rain is considered incredibly influential by his fans and by people around the world. His campaigns across and outside of Asia and other charitable acts by him this year are why he deserves his spot in TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People for 2011. It’s not every day that a celebrity’s fans donate an entire forest to help villagers thousands of miles away.

Last Tuesday, October 11, Rain reported to the Uijeongbu 306 Reserve Troop Battalion to begin his mandatory 21-month service in the Republic of Korea military, and this past Monday the 17th, he started his eight-week basic training at boot camp in Yeoncheon County. He only waved a temporary farewell to his family, friends, and fans, however… not goodbye. His entertainment career still awaits him.

His upcoming movie, Korean blockbuster Flight: Close To The Sun (비상 [飛上]: 태양가까이), the very first of its kind in that country and currently in post-production, is said to be hitting the tarmac in theaters in early 2012.

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(captures by Cloud USA)

~ by Cloud USA on October 18, 2011.

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  1. The magazine might be Pure however my thoughts after seeing that first picture……are not! 😉


  2. O.o what can i say RAIN 😎
    just PURE SEXY and that heavy waterfall just way to deep which what u got in mind right now Rain uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :P)
    i would mind in his horizon period what more is i would love just stick and lock him up for ever “my hump” My Hump ma hump hump ” :P)


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