RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 29. He’s just like a box of chocolates.

Written by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast 10/15. Screen caps courtesy of 姫 (Hime).

Happily, we jump right back into the RAIN The Best Show Busan tour stop that we left last week.

On stage, Rain has transformed himself into our Psychedelic Funktastic tambourine-beating Seoul Child of the 70s, and after a Q & A session with the audience, launches into the very mellow “Busan Woman”. Hit those woooo-woooops, JiHoon! Only you can do it like that. Haha.

Heh, look at all the fresh women in the audience keeping time to the beat, joining him in his “Fresh Woman” callisthenics. Left, right, left-right! That is cute as all get-out. Just a sea of arms working it out! Great shot, RAINY DAY. 🙂

And then… “Ahhh, yeah! Two thousand eleven—this is Disco!” LOL! I never in my life thought I’d ever hear anything like that, 2011 and Disco in the same sentence. But leave it to Rain, by golly. Borrowing from Forrest Gump, he’s just like a box of chocolates… you already know what half of the pieces are before you take a bite, but the other half could have just about anything in them.

(That afro reminds me of my own, back in high school. I kept that sucker blown out. Gimme that hot lips T-shirt, Gori!)

After the sexy Retro-cool dance break, we’re off into “I’m Coming” commando-style, the lounge-ified “Love Story” that makes you want to jump into Rain’s steam shower with him (go ahead, freeze the video at minute marker 6:09 or 6:10 and just imagine seeing THAT face at a most opportune moment, I dare you, dear HEAVENS @_______@ pardon me while I wipe the sweat off my brow), an Adidas-suited “It’s Raining”, and an out of the vault “Chajayo”, where hopefully he didn’t put somebody’s eye out the way he was javelin-throwing those little bouquets. 🙂

And then along comes the part that will forever make me think about fan cams of Jang GeunSuk—the infamous encore shuffle dance. With that infamous shuffle dance music. LOL! And “September”, where the Crew was introduced and got to show out a bit. We’re delighted that RAINY DAY included the Men and the Women here, even a little bit, because they seldom got any cam time in all the fan cams we saw, and they deserved some.

(We’ll never get tired of back flips from KyuSang. Keep ’em coming, buddy. ♥)

(LOL at Rain looking like he’s some chick at the end of a Soul Train line.)

After jump-jumping and totally thugging out, Baby Boy heads back stage and takes his poor punished body to the mat, bless him. But look at it this way… if he wasn’t exhausted after each and every performance, he’d be highly dissatisfied and thinking he wasn’t doing enough. You know him. He wouldn’t have it any other way. He either gives us his all, or nothing.

See you next time, dear fans!

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(Video credit: happyyyraintorrent / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

 Screen caps by 姫 (Hime).

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~ by Cloud USA on October 16, 2011.

7 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 29. He’s just like a box of chocolates.”

  1. Awww he really was tired!! Who wouldn’t? Rain gives HIS ALL on the stage and he’s human, of course he’s tired!! On the other hand, any other performer would have dropped way before him cuz THE MAN is unstoppable!! Gawd, I must say that Rain’s new interpretation of Love Story drives me INSANE!!! Love it!! Rain can do ANYTHING with his voice!! In fact, I think that he did this solo not only cuz he wanted to refresh it and drive us to the brink of madness but also to show precisely how powerful, off the charts amazing his voice is. Take that critics!! You’ve being served!! 😀


    • Mari I agree with you I love, love his voice and I was so pleased the way he’s been using his vocal range. His voice is so deep and rich and I’m sure his has more surprises for us. 😉


      • Yes!! Rain’s voice in Love Story gives me chills, he never cease to amaze me. I was thinking today that when he comes back there’s NOTHING stopping him from becoming an award winning actor in Hollywood cuz his experiences in life are so profoud that he can do any character!


  2. He works so hard.


  3. I agree Stephe that look at the 6:10 marker is just, killer.
    On a side note if that were me, I would have collapsed on to that mat and never gotten up….lol.


  4. ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i would love to part of this concert he is EXTREMELY FUN!!!!!!!!!! to be and go to all his concert i feel said could be any of one of them >_< however i won't give up so i will save all my money when rain is back to give us a OUTSTANDING SPLENDID performs again.
    he just so much fun to be and when he dance he make us want to kick our but lefty and right ekekekek i would my move my hip also awawaw
    no wondering so many fangril are so CRAZY over rain coz he got the GROOVE going ya……!!! :P)
    OMG!! @_@j @ marker 6:09 or 6:10
    oh my heaven i am fangril mode whipeeeeeeeeeeee wooottttttttttt!! AWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAW i wanted to steaming up with that face expression i wanted and wanted now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERCY!! :P)
    @ 11:20
    Poor Rain so TRIED toward the END of his Busan Concert he WORK SO HARD for his fans u can tell he went down and lay on the floor admittedly poor rain i understand that he work so hard just to PLEASE all his fans but i envy for him always make them happy what about his health and condition i just hope rain well have a good rest but i doubt i am very SALUTED RAIN !! for always give us HIS BEST OF THE BEST concert that why he MASTER his STAGE
    i add this to it also

    Rain _So tried after Busan Concert


  5. Wow ! so that’s how it was with him after that concert…he must really be exhausted….pampered by staff….good for you Rain…you deserve it.


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