[Eng trans][clip] It suddenly Rained on Superstar K3: You’ve got to have confidence.

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Wow, did these Superstar K contestants get a SHOCK the day of Rain’s free concert in Gangnam. Bless their hearts! ๐Ÿ™‚

And let me just say that the guy in the bow tie and glasses was blowing out “Love Song.” He sounded good! In fact, none of the guys were bad at all. But sister girl… er, now you all know I’ll support another female in a minute, but that harmonizing just wasn’t doing it for me. (I’d like to hear her do a different song… she’s there, so she’s got to be good.) Good to see they got to meet Rain and had an experience of a lifetime, though. And the mini-ab-rolling was fun. What a precious memory!

111014. Rain on Superstar K3. (source: Mnet / courtesy of ratokanow @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)ย 

Rain who was about to give a main road concert before entering the army, became a mentor for would-be singers to instill confidence into them as part of cable channel Mnet’s “Super Star K3”, a success in which has opened careers to a number of young aspiring singers.

Somebody was coming soon and they were counting the hours. It was world star Rain who was involved in rehearsing before giving his best performance. The concert venue was packed with people all over the world.

They exchanged greetings, and his sudden entrance took everyone by surprise.

Rain : I’m a huge fan of you. Nice to meet you. I want to be a mentor for you to help develop your sense of confidence.

A : I have no self-confidence on stage.

Rain : Prose do not think they are mistaken, despite making any mistake on stage. Like this, you should make your performance keep running as if nothing ever happens. ย You can draw a conclusion from the facts. Only practice will make it perfect, and preparation has to become your habit.

Each of men : My ugly face is a thorn in my side.

Rain : You need not be frustrated because you are not handsome. I don’t think men have to have a double eye lid.

Rain : I had failed auditions 18 times 10 years ago. They told me straight what is wrong with me, “Your eyes are too small and you are ugly.” Lastly, I auditioned before JYP (Park Jin Young). Actually, Iโ€™m more handsome than him, ain’t I? So I didn’t think he would reject me because of my face. Just kidding.”

Rain : I am indebted to my small eyes for what I am. And to conclude, I was able to turn them into something my own.
Now I’m proud to be different and original.

Rain : You are better looking in person!

B : Thank you!! His encouraging words have revived my drooping spirits.
C : I find it takes more than good looks to be a star at his remark.
A : After what he said, I was convinced. I’ve learned appearance is not everything and charisma is more important on stage.

Rain : I hit on a new idea on a sudden. I suggest you (Two Months & Ulala Session) stage the opening of my concert.

Everyone : My mind went blank when I listen to him.


Rain gave each of them a warm embrace after the conclusion of the show.

Rain : Please sit down..Good work! I don’t think ‘Daeyun’s face looked strained in the performance.

‘Daeyun’ (A) : But I was so nervous then.

Rain : Can you try it again?

Rain : What was it like being on stage ?

‘Daeyun’ : I went out of my skull when I stood on the stage.

Rain : You did it really well. But please don’t ever perform such a dance movement. Just kidding!

Rain : I’ve graded your work after watching your performance.

Rain : I hope I’ll see your success in two years (when I’m separated from the army.) I look forward to seeing you, by definition, becoming a super star in two years time.

Everyone : Thank you!

Rain : Well, let’s do fighting!

~ by Cloud USA on October 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “[Eng trans][clip] It suddenly Rained on Superstar K3: You’ve got to have confidence.”

  1. The guys did their thing but the girl was ok, i’m pretty sure if she song by herself she would have did good too, all in all they did a good job. Rain was a sweetheart to them ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Well, they tried and made an effort!! Sorry to say this but they didn’t come near close to Rain’s interpretation. The guy with the bow tie have the voice but need lots of dancing lessons. On the other hand, it was a great opportunity to learn from the best. Rain was so nice with them! Don’t know what he said but it sounded like good advice! As always Rain humble attitude warmed my heart and made me feel proud to be a Cloud. He was gentle with them and didn’t come across as the world star he is, he came just like a good friend.


  3. i glad the guy give themselves effort tor Rain LOVE SONG that pretty impressive of them but the grilekkkkkkkkkkkk@@
    but of,curse the ordinary is better and nothing can replace like rain ๐Ÿ˜Ž the BOSS kill it ahahahah anyway i am happy for the guy they did show rain some love of the song


  4. Yeah the guys were ok but the girl…..not so much. However kudos to them for trying, it isn’t easy singing/performing Rain’s song. ๐Ÿ™‚


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