[clip][Eng trans] Last of the Best: Rain reads you a letter from his own pen.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Or from his own keyboard. And it’s to you, just for you.

From Rain’s Last of The Best free street concert at the Gangnam Hanryu Festival 10/9/11. 6/6. (Source: DC / courtesy of ratokarain @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.) 

I couldn’t fall asleep last night so I wrote a letter.

(So now I try to read you the letter.)

Hello, everyone. This is ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ (Rain).
It’s been about 10 years since I debuted.

Thanks to your support, I was able to accomplish so much like this, and my determination was able to carry me through the ordeal when the job was so hard I just wasn’t able to endure it any longer and when the process, besides tiring, was troublesome and painful.

It’s a little too late for me (to serve in the army), but I try to become a real man.
I also seem to have a chance to look back on my life.
Entering the army at my age makes me embarrassed and sorry.

Thank you for the support you have given me over the past decade.
I’ll return home in more mature ‘Jung Ji Hoon’.

Thank all of you and my parents and sister for always supporting and trusting me.
I’d like to thank all my fans for their ongoing support.

To my fans with best wishes from ‘Jung Ji Hoon’, on 9 October 2011.

Thank you.

~ by Cloud USA on October 14, 2011.

13 Responses to “[clip][Eng trans] Last of the Best: Rain reads you a letter from his own pen.”

  1. That’s one of the many reasons I love Rain with all my heart. He’s so genuine, with Rain you don’t get a double personality syndrome that you get with other performers, he’s ONE Jung Ji Hoon in the stage and in private. What you see is what you get and that’s the end. Also, his creativity is amazing; when Rain says My Way he’s not kidding! Rain do things differently, from dancing to the design of his albums; its his personal style. The love he shows to his fans left me in awe from the beginning and to this day, I
    still marvel at his devotion to us. He gives himself to us without reservation and NEVER takes for granted that love. He’s always humble, always looking for ways to makes us feel loved and cherish, forever grateful for our support. That’s why I will support him in every way I can cuz he’s one of a kind. I will pray for his safe return so he can continue his amazing career, his life next to his family and friends and can get married to a wonderful woman who can give him love and a family of his own to be happy forever cuz he surely deserves it.


    • @ marisa
      i know how u felt for our rain man ans only god of honor know hoe he is to this world and fan and family and friend not mention he make this world happiness and pleasure by him also who’re so care doe many think out this world he may be rich on that but all his money he always sent out to Orphan or Donation for kids and something he is best PERSPECTIVE to all the gen ration and new born will have took NOTE by him who have give such life of full encouragement what he
      presence and what he do until today his Mother must so proud that rain her son of what he did to this world rain he build even more relationship all over the world to know and learn about his who are became world_star is… he became so may thing that we DISCOVER him model singer, dancer, actor, producer, u maned it!!!!!!!! yet i very love his personal he always keep it to himself never attempt to be famous over any artist rain is just rain and he only do his thing so many of them jealous of rain and some are arrogant said him this and that i make me even think their a lot hater out their try to pull him down rain know but he doesn’t took as granted he instead just care about what make his fans and peoples happy .
      he have done so many-thing and his deviation to us that we are never going to forget this honor man ever. he is truly amazing person of a SOLO ARTIST & for whom he is … rain is our BEAUTIFUL ANGEL & GRADATED person he belong to this world and his career will continue on forever we will stand with and supporting rain !! he does deserved all LOVE GLOBAL and get married one these day 🙂
      their their Rain their cloud together


  2. I agree he shouldn’t feel embarrassed, but the ever so humble Ji-Hoon can’t help it. Ahhh…the letter, it’s moments like this that makes me “love” him more. One thing that makes him so special is his genuineness with and generosity to his fans. This was his real thoughts, he wrote down in a real moment of reflection. He was generous, to share his feelings so publicly like that. You just don’t get that same feeling coming from other artists, there’s always something they hold back and you feel that. I don’t know how to explain it. With Bi when he opens himself up, he REALLY opens himself up, if only for a brief moment…..but you see/feel it. He’s open with his emotions yet still remains private. He’s the perfect combination of vulnerable boy/grown man.


  3. Rain, you should not feel embarrass. You have accomplished a lot in your life and you should be proud of yourself. I respect you that you have chosen to go to the army and serve your country. So, remember your never to old to serve your country. Good luck on your journey! God bless!


  4. The guilt he has over his age is killing me 29/30 is not old! But the rest of the letter just hurts to hear, I could say more but sometimes its just better to be silent. 😦


    • Yes, the guilt he has over his age is killing me too! I just do not get what the big deal is. He is going to be serving his country like every other man. He is following the guidelines so what is there to be embarassed about. I truelly hope he comes to terms with feeling guilty about his age. There is nothing to feel embarassed about. Also, his maturity may help him deal with things better than some who are so young and not experienced in life so much yet. I just love the humble side of Rain.


      • I can understand how Rain feels. He started his singing and acting career at a young age. Now that he is Thirty, he feels that starting something new at his age is embarrassing. I believe that Rain feels that he should of started the military training from young. I think that Rain feels out of place in the military because he is surround by younger men and he is wondering if he has the ability to keep up with the military training which I believe he is having low selfesteem. Rain need to stay strong and stop feeling sorry for himself. God bless you with talent and good looks. Every women want you and men envy you. So, start believeing in yourself and stop worrying about your age and just continue succeeding in life. Remember, your fans admired you and respect you. So, good luck!


  5. Awww that was sweet of him, but i would want to thank him for working so hard to entertain us but more importantly doing this for his family, this is whats makes me be a proud cloud of his. Jung Ji Hoon you are a man of strength and many more so i wish the best for you dear 😀


    • EXZACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!
      that why i am loving this guy inside…out coz he very have such a full heart to family friend, fans among this he truly be young everything he is and when come to working he very put all his hard-worker effort to end rain very one of the kind of person he just they why he HAVE LOVE all over GLOBAL he is down to earth ahahah MUCK!! we love u rain and will continue forever !! 🙂


    • Cherrie I love what you said and I wish I was in a different state of mind so I could have thought of something half that good. But I have said something like like it on the cloud to him.


    • Cherrie I totally agree with everything you said!


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