Rain’s acting pays off in Russian poll.

— Written by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

[Cloud USA 10/12/11] As we understand it, according to a Russian poll reported on by eNews 24 reporter Choi Eun Hwa recently, Rain clenched third spot as Russia’s favorite South Korean actor after Kim HyunJoong and winner Lee Minho. Hoorah!

This is great news.

It’s just more evidence of how Rain’s talent has spread. That star is bright, and it’s going to continue to get brighter regardless of where he is, including the military. So he needn’t have any career concerns while he’s serving his country, none at all. The Rain train will just keep moving on down its one-way track with little braking. All aboard!

We’re looking forward to Rain’s future TV dramas after he returns to his chosen career, the movies and projects he may have here in the States, and his starring role in upcoming movie Flight: Close To The Sun, soon to be out of post-production.

Congrats to Minho, HyunJoong, Jo JiSub, Kim Joon, and all of the fine actors on this list. They deserve to be there.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

Source: News Nate report translated by Monika S.

(Image and info credit: monika.leeminho.blogspot / source: http://korean-drama.ru/)

~ by Cloud USA on October 13, 2011.

6 Responses to “Rain’s acting pays off in Russian poll.”

  1. ya……….. I HAPPY another country to add KEEP GOING RAIN !! awawwaaw i am very PROUD of my rain so much that all the effort and actor he give us very indeed news not to mention he is 3 place to me rain alway # 1 SPOT ahahahahah that right i said it and????????
    he is amazing and TALENT actor he just born to FULL PACKAGE and to world_star that he well deserved and me i am happy to be his cloud & Fans ‘APPLAUSE’ 🙂
    he is just most influential indeed CONG RAT!! to my HONEY RAIN


  2. After Kim Hyundai Joong? I demand a recount.




  4. YAY!!!! This makes me so happy for him :D. Even while he is in the military he is still influencing people and also getting the support from another countries. Now that Russia has been added, where will the Rain train stop now? ALL ABOARD!! to the next stop on the Rain Train 😀


  5. Yessss!!!!! Another country to add to our list for future reference. I am soo happy for him!! Oh, I am crossing my fingers for Fugitive so Ji Woo receive the attention he deserves!! There’s no way this character can be ignored by other markets, no way!! 😀


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