[fan cam] Rain’s Last of the Best rehearsal: Let’s just faint and get it over with.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


111009 THE LAST OF THE BEST 리허설 (rehearsal). Video credit: goldenRain6to5 @YT)


And some quick extras, from rehearsal and during the show:

2011.10.09 나도 리허설 살짝!!!! (brief rehearsal). Video credit: LetsGoHomeWithRain @YT)

I do believe he’s doing some old choreography from Lee Hyori’s former girl group Fin.K.L here, to “Busan Woman”. LOL!

2011.10.09 핑클춤추는 비 (Dancing Rain Fin.KL).   Video credit: LetsGoHomeWithRain @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on October 13, 2011.

7 Responses to “[fan cam] Rain’s Last of the Best rehearsal: Let’s just faint and get it over with.”

  1. I know it’s a rehearsal video but even those are spectacular to watch….*goosebumps* 🙂


  2. gosh he so amazing of and on stage with no DOUBT at all !!!!!!!!!! he voice when come to sing it just melting your heart to your bone and when he sing LOVE SONG, STORY, any one of them he always sing with that HIGH NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i melting away by you rain sing it baby i would mine if he sing this to me i just have have my pillow on his lap and look into his LIP & EYE that all i can be in…..
    and when rain in his charming mood is just bright up my day what a killer smile and look on that last concert MERCY!! he so DELICIOUS in that gray sweat or coat i am drools…………. awawwaw LOVE IT !! :p)


  3. Oh thanks this was pretty cool it made me smile. ^__^


  4. I just love hearing him hit those notes with that voice of his, and seeing his silly dance moves, oh yeah his smile makes me happy 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with us 😀


  5. So cute, so funny.


  6. Oh man, thank God we still have these videos to marvel at Rain’s talent!! I died and went to heaven hearing his powerful voice in Love Story!! I adore the new a capella part, OMG!!! I spazz and get chills every single time!! Also, his jokes and beautiful smile that I miss so much! Really, I am soo happy to see this! Thanks for posting, you made my day!! 😀


  7. The beautiful richness in his voice and the fun ways he clowns around, I’m so missing him.


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