[fan cams] Rain’s Last of The Best at the Gangnam Hanryu Festival.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

The fans close to the fan cammer might bust out your eardrums, but it’s worth it this go ’round, even when Rain’s sound equipment checks out on him a few times. These visuals from October 9 are AWESOME.

(All videos: rainist327 @YT)

Ridiculously adorable, as usual.

111009 RAIN(비/bi) Gangnam K-Pop Fest – 내여자(My girl) by.rainist [fancam]

Oh lord, did he put a “I need you, I need you, I love you, baby” in there? Heavens!!! 

111009 RAIN(비/bi) Gangnam K-Pop Fest – Love Story by.rainist [fancam]

He needn’t have worried about the sound—the fans stepped in and took over the song for him. 😀

111009 RAIN(비/bi) Gangnam K-Pop Fest – 널 붙잡을 노래(Love Song) by.rainist [fancam]

Perfectly done! 

111009 RAIN(비/bi) Gangnam K-Pop Fest – My Way by.rainist [fancam]

Hard, gritty Rainism, where he dances his shirt out of his waistband. Love it!

111009 RAIN(비/bi) Gangnam K-Pop Fest – Rainism(레이니즘) by.rainist [fancam]

111009 RAIN(비) Gangnam K-Pop Fest – Letter for fans by.rainist [fancam]

~ by Cloud USA on October 12, 2011.

9 Responses to “[fan cams] Rain’s Last of The Best at the Gangnam Hanryu Festival.”

  1. I need you I need you and I love you too baby (faints)…..ok i’m back….First i would like to say great videos even though i could barely him over the screaming and singing of the fans but i didnt care cause i was to busy focusing on them pants of his and waitin on his shirt to come open or up out his pants..Lord help me for i have sinned :D..Amen!!


  2. Love Song!! and the version rock of “rainisim” ….uauuuu!!


  3. You NEED me?, you LOVE me?…”Well since I’m married this revelation of yours might not go over so well. Tell you what, after the show you swing by the crib, pack your bags, pick up General then head to the airport. Your flight to Texas has already been arranged. Now, about your arrival…I might need to keep you under wraps for a day or two or…..forever!” (SMILES)


    • LMAO….i wonder how that will go 🙂


      • Umm…not too good. Of course, knowing hubbie like I do, he would say “sure, if he wants to pay some these bills…tell him c’mon.” (SMILES)


    • BIA
      i would love to see bis interacting with rain ahahah prepare her man home alone and bia all up and FLY to SEOUL and hey baby boo…. I’m here in Seoul for u a joke on side 🙂
      oh dang nothing like this man rain have that SEXY TIGHT PANT shaking all of his butt while he dance well, i crazy liking part about him is his pant can say many words just want to crumbed all over and add SOME CREAM to shell all good honestly that is the SEXY DELICIOUS look on him ever i felt my finger are itching every time i see him wear that one and if he just took of his top all down i am DROP DEATH went to heaven ahahahah


  4. Oh snap! Yes he did throw an “I need you, I need you, I love you baby”. Every time I hear this performance of “Love Story” I get goosebumps. It’s just so raw and rawr!!


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