9 Responses to “[fan account] It was awesome to see the Man in “Business Man Zone.””

  1. Hahaha sister your wild! Love you…thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks for sharing!


  3. She’s soo funny!! I loved her account! She was a Cloud on a mission and she succeded with honors! Good work soldier!! *Did you get my military vibe? Kekeke just for fun! ^.^*


  4. Love it!


  5. Even though i seen the videos i still enjoyed reading it 🙂 thanks for sharing again April dear.


    • ahahahah LOVE reading every detail of your encounter you sound so much fun and enjoy at same time too eekekek
      it was amazing read this i felt like i with in this concert u know when i read your encounter some your experiencing are so cute yet fun and yet it give goosebumps at first i know how it feel to get rain attention know their is a fan from USA love u too at my concert back 2009 LOR i scream “I LOVE U RAN” he stood in front the edge and look up at me i was speechlessssssssss at lease rain hear my word and knowing their fan very love him to heart
      thank u sharing this love it !!
      i already subscribe and sent invite


  6. awesome fan account…loved every detail. Thanks, you brighten my day.


  7. I’m excited to read it already!!! ahaha.. I’ll just eat lunch and be back :)))

    thank you so much for sharing!!!! ❤ :*


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