[ETA Eng trans][from J.Tune Camp] Rain’s personal enlistment greeting: Friends, forever.

Cloud cover by:  Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Thanks for this video, J.Tune. We really appreciate it.

(If an English translation is made available, we’ll bring that to you here, Clouds.)

비(RAIN) 입대인사 영상. Bi (RAIN) enlistment greeting video. (Credit: official J.Tune Camp / jtunecamp @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.) 

Hi, everyone..I have about one hour before enlisting in the Army.
I’ll be back after doing what is expected of me.

Thanks to your support for the past decade, I’ve been able to accomplish so much.

Please always be healthy and happy, and I hope you’ll have a life filled with happiness.

Taking a long look back over my life, a lot has happened.
Many of you moved my hearts and I was able to cry and laugh..
I love you.. Thank you..

~ by Cloud USA on October 11, 2011.

12 Responses to “[ETA Eng trans][from J.Tune Camp] Rain’s personal enlistment greeting: Friends, forever.”

  1. Ah damn I had stop crying and was trying to push in the positive, now I know what he said I’m crying again. I am way to emotional. T_T


  2. something weird happened to me yesterday. While i was driving my car after work i hooked up my cell phone with my radio so i could listen to my music i have stored in there. i have it in shuffle mode so i t varies the music everytime a new song comes out. Rain’s song kept coming one after the other. It was almost like someone from high up wanted me to listen to baby rain’s music so i won’t will remember him all the way driving home. It was very strange and a sad day indeed. We are all sad now but when he comes back it will be a Huge Celebration, and he will come back with tons of energy and with hunger to eat the world. I’m just sad we were not able to get a new album from him so when his new movie comes up my poor PC will pay the price. LOL


    • u know that what happen to me i have listing to rain song Rain ~WE GOING TO MISS U RAIN…..Take Care ~ i could STOP think of him period it very sad touching esp when he gone i listing to that i shredding my tear drop and hurt it very broke my heart
      this so sweet but as sad by looking him in the car leaving us like this i just melting by him tissue aside by me i have crying a lot yesterday i was going to comment today but i could STOP see him at all i already miss rain from begging counting my day here “snif”


  3. Awww he looked so sad it breaks my heart all over again!Gawd, I can’t shake the sad feeling! Is like a shadow over me! I cried a lot last night and today and now I am somewhat ok but still that sad feeling is in my heart. I don’t know what to do with myself. Sighhh 😦 crying again!


  4. Darn, I shouldn’t have watched that yet…T_T But, he is a sweetheart and so nice for saying all that .I know time will go fast and he will be out, we will look back and say how it flew. Can’t wait for that day 🙂 WaitingForRain


  5. You all expressed how I’m feeling. As I said before, I miss him already.


  6. I have held the tears back for a while until i saw this video T_T..i know 2 years will come and go real quick and yes JiHoon you are our FRIEND FOREVER and we wont forget..AJA AJA FIGHTING! 😀


  7. *Sniffle, Sniffle*…………….


  8. So cold and cloudy today…perfect for how I feel…it’s going to be a long 2 yrs :’-(


  9. *grabs a tissue*


  10. We Love you forever, don’ t forget…


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