[banners] The Cloud USA community salutes Rain at his enlistment.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Well, our BANNER did, that is. Because thanks to our wonderful overseas friends, it was there on the scene! (Katie, we did it!) 😀 There were many fan banners in the area of the 306 Station gate saluting the ROK’s newest soldier. These are just a few.  There might be more pictures coming, including the banner by our Hawai’ian Cloud sisters—we’ll see.

We hope they brought JiHoon a little bit of cheer.

(Huge thanks to RainCloudBi, who was there and got these shots. ♥ Please credit her @Twitpic.)

~ by Cloud USA on October 11, 2011.

13 Responses to “[banners] The Cloud USA community salutes Rain at his enlistment.”

  1. thank u for sharing love the baner.


  2. You all are amazing for pulling this off…thank you so very much for all of your efforts on our behalf!


  3. Man, I was soo happy to see our banner there!! Of course, if you could see me at the time I saw the twit with the banner, you wouldn’t believe me cuz I was crying like a baby with hiccups included! Lol!!! Geez it was bad!! But in the middle of tears seeing our banner there was a joyful instant the gave me the strenght to stop crying and go to bed. I didn’t sleep anyway but I was glad that we were there in some measure with Rain. Thanks Stephe, Terry. Katie, the staff of Cloud USA, Clouds at Korea and all involved
    to make it possible. You rock!!


  4. Great banner ladies. Its awesome that he got to see it before he went in. He feels the love Im sure.


  5. When i saw the banner my eyes light up like a christmas tree and i felt so PROUD to be a cloud as well. Thank you so much Stephe and Katie, you ladies did an amazing job and i’m sure Jihoon was happy to see the love coming from USA 🙂 CLOUD POWER!!


  6. WOW, Katie….GOOD SHOW!! Stephe/Terri and Cloud USA staff….High 5’s all around! SO GLAD we were on THE SCENE to send our soldier off. It’s AWESOME!


  7. Awesome Stephe and katie, as sad as the day was I felt so proud to see our banner. Thanks to both you lovely ladies we represented.


  8. Wow all the banners look so nice! Stephe and Katie did an awsome job, I love it. I am sure Rain felt so loved when he saw the banners. I feel so proud to be a Cloud.


  9. Oh my…. all the banners look great. It’s awesome to see the Cloud USA one there…..it’s beautiful.This makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. ♥♥♥♥


    • Thanks, ceci! Oh, it turned out so well. I mean, you see something in design on your computer and it looks great… but then you see the actual thing blown up like THAT, and it’s Wowowow LOL!

      You ladies please give mad props to Purplezest Katie and her skills. Without her taking my simple design and doing her magic, and working so closely with me on it, it never would have come to be or gotten where it needed to go. She’s the best little sister to me and Terri ever.

      (And thanks to J.Tune for approving the doggone picture and not pissing me off, heheh!) 😉

      Yeah, they all look great, don’t they?

      Stephe ^@@^


    • YUP WAS NICE i was so surprise to see it very amazing sephe & Katie she have make to her destination it very nice banner it make me fell so warm and melting by u u are amazing great job clouds UNITED 🙂


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