[images] Rain rehearses for his Last of the Best free concert.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

From what we can see, the concert (the evening of October 9 at 7 PM) was a great success.

(All images credited as tagged / DC / source site: The Cloud Photo Board)

~ by Cloud USA on October 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “[images] Rain rehearses for his Last of the Best free concert.”

  1. Wish I was there…. it was my birthday! It could have been my best birthday ever. Hu hu hu….


  2. Dressed so casual yet he looks stunning. ♥


  3. Hopefully his fans was so difinitely sreaming & very happy & a pleasured exitingg for the last seing RAIN on stage,of course have a combination w/ sad feelings & heart aching for his last farewell concert.Furthermore,how adorable Rain he give his last concert w/ all his heart offered to them,so i really proud of HIM & no regrets follow & LOVE him w/ all my heart.I will wait you Oppa!!!Goodluck & God Bless you!SARANGHE!!!


    • i know it so true that rain give so much attention and best his last concert
      he is the man we honor so many and much more he u can tell rain come to end but reading his letter he wrote to his fans of his farewell how he miss them give them how the condition he will be and fell while he away and training duty ect… he have Still many HEART of life of peoples now that this have come it very sad thing to see and moment to happen i am proud to found and i never regret anything about coz, i BELIEVE in his fait and success we will wait for u rain good luck and took care and be healthy for me and everbody too … LOVE U RAIN !!! MUCK
      LOOKING AT THIS pics just bough to sad who are an entertainer and performance so many stage and now he have to leave ….. 😦 he just Just beautiful!!!! I man we love
      sorry excuse me i BRB crying here :lol;


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