[article] A casual farewell party for Rain in Busan, and a “Last of The Best” free concert in Gangnam-gu.

Cloud USA 10/9/2011 — by Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

As we understand it, Rain’s friends, colleagues, and other movie professionals who were attending the 16th Busan International Film Festival on the 7th gathered for a farewell party for Rain (real name: Jung JiHoon, South Korean singer, actor, and entertainer) at Haeundae’s snack stall there, in Busan.

Hallyu star Jang GeunSeok, actor Goh Soo, actor Jung SeokWon, actress Kim SunAh, and Rain’s castmates from the movie Flight: Close To The Sun were some of the party-goers who enjoyed a good drink and raised their glasses to their comrade, who is temporarily stepping out of the celebrity spotlight to serve his mandatory 22 months in the Republic of Korea military.

Eventually, bodyguards had to form a human shield around the celebrities as throngs of fans from Korea and across Asia were drawn to the festivities at the snack stall, but that didn’t spoil the friendly atmosphere in the least as the celebs continued to celebrate Rain and send him off to his duty with great cheer. The crowd was moved by the display of friendship, and responded with remarks about how nice it was to see such strong support for the South Korean entertainer.

In additional news, Rain gave his final concert at the Gangnam Hanryu/K-Wave Festival earlier today, October 9 at 7 pm. The two-hour show, billed as The Last of The Best: K-Pop on Top, was a free street concert that required the closing of seven lanes off of YeongDong Boulevard, and drew over 20,000 fans and spectators.

Rain will be reporting for his six weeks of basic training this coming Tuesday, October 11, at the Uijeongbu 306 Reserve Troop Station. The star doesn’t yet know where he will be serving after his basic training, but that information should be forthcoming from him, so please stay tuned.

Written by: Stephe@cloudusa.org

Sources: My Daily report translated by rain bird @Rain Europe / Yonhap News

~ by Cloud USA on October 9, 2011.

6 Responses to “[article] A casual farewell party for Rain in Busan, and a “Last of The Best” free concert in Gangnam-gu.”

  1. gosh ! i am heart breaking and chi already not know what my react tomorrow and THOUSAND of rain out their travel from city to city go to see rain roaming out in SEOUL .. some waiting some die hard to see and some just could get their feet out the street all imagine this in front him how u stand and LET him go i it will be thousand of fans going to crying river for sure and all his friend and peoples and family move by him i know i am one of them is his fans shredding out my tearing eye ….!
    they are very thoughtful friendship of rain it very meaningful and to rain it was … i never see any artist that have such emotional this but, rain give me such many feeling and felt for him then my own man ahahahhaha
    this is something in HISTORY that i never ever forget of my heart he away just one i felt like i am LOCK up forever !
    i just hope tomorrow it not the day but ………….!
    it was one SPECIAL memories of all them give rain such a warm feeling before he enter his MS we all should been their for him too i felt bad that i could even be their for LAST near his concert “SLAP Myself”


  2. I am taking things one at a time and somewhat is helping me to cope. At least the haircut thing wasn’t as hard as I thought! He did it before the concert and I think he was soo smart, as always, cuz he didn’t go with the usual that is doing it like the day before enlisting. His way of doing things is always the best for us, like in stages, so we get used to it. Bless his heart. The toughest moment I think will be when he goes. Let’s see how he do it. Sighhh Btw, I’ve been crying soo easily since he said his date of enlistment. Burst into tears in a second, just like that. Talk about being sensitive! I guess we all gonna need therapy after this!! Lol!!


  3. I get teary eyed imagining Rain and his close supportive friends joining him in a celebratory/send off party in Busan. That must have been a spectacle, once in a lifetime event in Rain’s life that he will never forget. Guess what, I’m now having “Rain withdrawal” symptoms and I’m sure thousands of other Clouds are experiencing the same. Whenever I think that he’s leaving us, I melt like butter, and cry like it’s going out of style. I think we should have a session for us survivors….hahaha! ! !


    • Now you got me melting like butter after reading your comment and I’m trying to hold back the tears. I bet Rain and his friends and family had a big party for him and just partied like it was 1999 lol kekeke…yes we should have a session of the the survivors lol, it should be called “Survior of the Rain Clouds” 😀


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