[notice][brief] Rain’s Gangnam Festival performance changed to Yeongdong Grand Boulevard.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia Economy 10/6/2011 — [English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

Gangnam Festival in which Rain is scheduled to participate, will be held on the Yeongdong Grand Boulevard, not on the Dosan Grand Boulevard

There is always heavy traffic on the Dosan Grand Boulevard where Gangnam Festival will be held in which Rain is scheduled to participate at 7pm on 9 October, so Gangnam District has chosen to move the event to a different location, the Yeongdong Grand Boulevard in front of Korea Electric Power Corporation (‘Hanjeon’, an abbreviation for Korea Electric Power Corporation) in Samsung-dong, taking all the situations.


[notice][Oct-06-2011]<Notice from rain-jihoon>We inform you that the venue for the 2011 Gangnam Hanryu Festival has been changed[English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

Hi, this is J.Tune Camp.

The venue for the 2011 Gangnam Hanryu Festival, hosted and arranged by Gangnam District and CJ, in which Rain is scheduled to participate upcoming October 11th, has been changed.

The venue has been changed to the Yeongdong Grand Boulevard in front of COEX (or Korea Electric Power Corporation) in Samsung-dong due to the organizers’ unavoidable circumstances.

Please refer to the following.

1) The show is called : 2011 Gangnam Hanryu Festival.

2) Date : 9 October 2011 (Sun), at 7pm.

3) Location : Rain’ll give a live performance on a specially prepared stage on the Yeongdong Grand Boulevard in front of COEX (or Korea Electric Power Corporation) in Samsung-dong.

4) Cast : RAIN

5) Host : Gangnam Culture Foundation.

6) Sponsorship : Gangnam District Office, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. COEX.

We hope that many of you will participate and support him as he is about to enter the army.

Thank you.

~ by Cloud USA on October 6, 2011.

16 Responses to “[notice][brief] Rain’s Gangnam Festival performance changed to Yeongdong Grand Boulevard.”

  1. @pinkfashionninja, please make sure you take lots of pics and video of Rain and if you get a chance to touch him, give him a big hug and kiss for me kekeke 🙂 thanks dear


    • bwahahahahaha YES YES YES! ive never had anyone make this request but i am happy to oblige to it! Yea these girls tht get to take pics wit him just be standing there. Sorry! My tail is grabbing him around the waist and holding him tight. No questions asked! lol And the kiss (if i ever got tht close) would be one hed never forget :p American style lol


      • AWWWW thanks dear that would mean alot to me :)..now with that hug and kiss from him..ooohhhh girl that would be GREAT and a must tell story for all of us..yes do show him how us American girls do it lol 🙂


        • lol Like Estelles song “American Boy”, Ill be Rain “American Girl”. He dont know. Messing with me he’d quickly change that song from “Busan Woman” to “Kansas City Woman” in a quick second lololol im just saying!!! *hands in the air*


          • LOL…get em girl but dont hurt him cause i wanna piece of him too, so i can be his florida woman hahahaha lol..omg if you did that, the look on his face would be priceless 😀


          • awwawaawaw LOL….!!
            get him and make sure u left us some yummy piece of rain u see their only one of him i have get any yet so save some for us when u see rain coz their is a fangril in USA would love rain to chase after Busan Women too from California ahahhahahaah
            hey don’t goes strong on rain coz i don’t want to see rain with a bief looking and exhausted blahhhhhhhhhhh@@
            if that happen oh man he first RECORD in in Kansas


          • @cherrie and kongsao
            lol i promise i wont hurt him “Scouts Honor!” *holding up right hand*
            yes, i think hes just hasnt ran into a fan/supporter that hes brought on stage that makes em work a lil harder for the thrill. lolol

            i dnt want him tired and exhausted so ill be nice…..lol (lying under my teeth) lol


            • lol mmmhmmm sure :)…i got my eyes on you if you hurt my Rain ^_^ hahaha just kidding and i know you will make him work hard..just be strong for him when you see him cause i know everyone will start crying cause its his last concert. I will miss him 🙂


    • cherrie
      i check my emil i did see u sent me any reques hmmmmmmmmmm????
      it should kongsao that have rain pict of his The Best Show in Asia with red top of the one he perfroamce Nan & Rainism_<


  2. OH MY GOSH! how many times is this thing gona be changed?! my korean coworker was helping me map out the seoul subway today and every minute the venue kept changing! ah! hopefully i dnt get too lost and they dont change it AGAIN. they dnt know they cant be messing wit me and my Rain!! lol


    • i agreed for u they been change so much what the hell??
      i would be mad too asihhhhhhhh!!
      i don’t like they keep do this they need to make up their mind right it mess up the fan who are going their too anyway please took a lot pict and share to us if u got a change to see rain told him that their is cloud from USA name >> KONGSAO !
      very want to see him in Seoul concert one these day when he come back MS told him for took care be healthy for us while he away told him we care and thing of him everyday and supporting all his heart told him that cloud & fans will be here until u back we love rain saraghae 🙂


      • yes, throughout the day today i am going to constantly be checkin up on the venue just in case they change it AGAIN lol
        and yes i will make sure i tell him Kongsao in the US loves him too! im gona b crying my eyes out for real.

        Like cassies say “always keep the faith” we’ll we are “keeping the faith for Rains healthy and happy return”


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