DramaFever wants to know: What’s your favorite Drama comics adaptation?

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Did you know that Rain and Song HyeKyo’s 2004 “Full House” originally came from a manhwa (comic book series) of the same name? We just voted for “Full House” as our favorite K-Drama adapted from a manhwa, because it truly is.

Will you?


 DramaFever FeverWatch 9/30/2011 — by Dan

What’s your favorite Drama comics adaptation?

We are thrilled this week to bring you City Hunter, one of the best Kdramas of the year so far. Many of you know that it’s based on (and some say improves upon) the iconic 80s manga of the same name. But it got us thinking–with so many great dramas inspired by manga and manhwa, what’s your all-time favorite comics adaptation? We’ve listed some of our favorites below, so let the voting begin! And if we left your favorite off our list, let us know in the comments.

Which drama is your favorite comics adaptation? 

City Hunter
Boys Over Flowers
Coffee Prince
Playful Kiss
Full House
A Man Called God
Mary Stayed Out All Night

» You can vote in the actual poll on the FeverWatch blog HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on October 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “DramaFever wants to know: What’s your favorite Drama comics adaptation?”

  1. I thinlk fullhouse dsrves evrythng it got!best drama evr made…best couple evr..bikyo..i miss u


  2. I love “Full house” but “Boys over flowers” was the best adaptation, closer to what the manga was about….


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