[article] Rain and other Korean talents mentioned in Business & Technology Report.

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This is NOT a fluffy piece about Hallyu.

This is a pretty serious and in depth article about how the Korean film industry has moved up in the world in the past ten years, and why. Which makes it all the more exciting that the likes of Rain, DongGun, DoYeon, and director Park ChanWook, to name a few, were mentioned in it.

Yes, they are all directly responsible for South Korea’s rise in the world arena.

We are very proud of Rain for his contribution. Proud of them all.

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Asia-Pacific Business & Technology Report 9/30/2011 — by Sun Bang

Shout to Korea, Action!

Besides Korea’s well known cell phone, semi-conductor and shipbuilding industries, Korean film has also become globally renowned. The industry went through rapid growth in various areas over the last decade and achieved significant developments in its quantity.

The creative stories and dynamic images featured in Korean films have gained the world’s attention. Several films were shown to wide acclaim in major film festivals across the globe catching the eyes of both film professionals and the world audience. Therefore, Korea is becoming the first country film professionals look to when searching for new talent.

Korean film financing largely depends on equity financing. Equity financing does not guarantee a payment on the principal, but it is similar to an interest paying method with profits made according to the size of the investment. The main investor who owns the copyright is in charge of raising such funds. Equity financing for Korean films can be generally divided into three categories – the main investor, sub-investor and the production company which raises funds on its own. The main investor, investment companies which own the distribution rights, uses the money raised by the production company and the money borrowed from the sub-investor for the production costs and then secures the copyright. It also manages the production, ensures the completion of the film, calculates the profit and costs and licenses the rights. The sub-investor supplies a portion of the costs used for production to the main investor and is entitled to receive a fixed percentage of the profits made from licensing sales in accordance with its equity share.

Investment Structure

Korean filmmakers have earned a global reputation for their hard work and innovation. From world renowned directors to skilled crews and experts in post production, as Korea has one of the most competitive workforces in the global film industry. It has therefore become the most soughtafter location in Asia when it comes to international productions.

Award-winning Writers, Directors, and Producers

Korean directors and producers have become highly recognized in the international film community. From director Kim Ki-duk’s Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter to Park Chan-wook’s Old Boy and Lee Chang-dong’s Poetry, Korean films have swept up numerous awards at Cannes and other prestigious film festivals.

Talented Actors and Actresses

For the last decade Korean actors and actresses have been at the center of Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, and have become loved by audiences from all over Asia. As the leading figures in the Asian entertainment industry, their acting talents have been highly recognized and have drawn tremendous attention from film professionals in the region. Recently their presence have become internationally apparent with Jeon Do-yeon receiving the best actress award at Cannes for her performance in Secret Sunshine and other colleague actors such as Lee Byung-hun, Rain and Jang Dong-gun taking main roles in Hollywood productions G.I. Joe, Ninja Assassin, and The Warrior’s Way….

» You can see Sun Bang’s article in its entirety on the BTR website HERE.

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  1. NICE!!! ^^ and when I need visa to go to Korea I wrote them extra letter telling them why I got to get the visa: to attend RAIN’ The Best Show concerts xD
    Even when he didn’t have any concerts, because it was a late application, I told them it is late because I was just went to Singapore to attend RAIN’ The Best Asia Tour concert xD
    IF only I can go to send him off … I knolw what I’m going to tell them on my letter xD


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