[image] “You see, it’s like this, kid…”

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

“If you eat your Wheaties, take your vitamins, and work really hard… you can grow up to be an incredible mega-King-superstar-triple threat like me! Capiche?” ๐Ÿ˜€ Yeah, I made that up, but can’t you just see Rain imparting that valuable advice on the young set? Yep. Such a cute shot!

As we understand it, this is from where Rain was on set shooting a new CF today. (Go to Cloud Unite’s twitpics for more images.)

(Image: as tagged @weibo / courtesy of Cloud Unite @Twitpic)

~ by Cloud USA on October 1, 2011.

9 Responses to “[image] “You see, it’s like this, kid…””

  1. i agreed that was so cute of rain that boy going to call u know how they react by meet how man on their ahahahah i will grap him from that taffic ekekek


  2. LMAO, love the title of this post and Rain is always looking handsome!


  3. Those must be some Wheaties…lol.


  4. *Reporter*
    Breaking News: a Sexy Beast is out on the streets of Seoul. Please don’t try to catch him, he is better safe in his natural habitat. The police are on the scene trying to handle the Sexy Beast. Please stay calm. Thank you


  5. Awwww so cute!! Rain looks soo handsome!! Yep, Rain is a great example for that kid to follow. He is a great man.


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