[Re-post 2/10/12] Cloud USA on Twibbon: A Yellow Ribbon for Rain. Join the brigade!

Hello, Clouds and Rain fans everywhere!

For many centuries, the yellow ribbon has been a symbol of hope, resolve, and undying support for loved ones, for defenders, and for various causes all across the world. Even today, from Australia to Asia to Europe and all the way to the States, people, organizations, and even governments are steadfast in their use of this recognizable image, as well as the color yellow.

» Cloud USA’s page on Twibbon: A Yellow Ribbon for Rain.

Please join us in supporting Jung JiHoon during his 22-month military service by “wearing” a yellow ribbon, using either your Twitter or your Facebook.

(Video courtesy of HugeMusicFan22 @YT)

If your blog or website accepts Javascript, you can also help spread the word by adding the Yellow Ribbon For Rain button to your site (look for the EMBED code in the lower right hand corner of the “Show My Support Now” page).

Let’s build an even stronger fan-base for Rain while he is away, to show him how much we care. Join the Yellow Ribbon for Rain Brigade!

PLEASE send love and support to ALL of the men and women who are proudly serving in armed forces in every corner of the globe, protecting innocent civilians with their lives.

Thanks for your support! Rain fans united—

Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}, Cloud USA Co-founders

~ by Cloud USA on September 30, 2011.

17 Responses to “[Re-post 2/10/12] Cloud USA on Twibbon: A Yellow Ribbon for Rain. Join the brigade!”

  1. This ‘old’ eomma, HAHAHA, figured out how to change my CloudsUSA avatar to the one with the yellow ribbon! Not too bad for 54 😉


    • Oh good golly miss molly, at 54 you’re nowhere near old! Neither am I (you’re only three years older than me)!

      Nice avatar, by the way. Lurve it. 😉

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. oh man i going tom miss the KING our rain 😥
    i am their now sorry that i was late about this i have support on this now please count me in too we all know rain will going to miss allof us how i can be their to see rain LAST DAY !! >_<


  3. I’ll miss RAIN when he’s away!!! Can’t wait until he returns again!! Be safe out there Ji-Hoon Jung!!


  4. WAA! when i read your facebook post that fellas from twibbon sent a wallpaper of top 250 supporters of yellow ribbon for Rain, I got so excited ‘coz I know my twiiter pic will appear in there and I didn’t get disappointed! I see my face wit the yellow ribbon!what an achievement to know that I’m one of the top 250 Rain fans among the millions in the world! keep supporting Jihoon everyone!let’s wait for him!fighting!


  5. Interesting i did this at around 6 this morning for my twitter and facebook before some that are pictured yet neither of my pictures are posted?


  6. OMG look at me..i should have hide my face with that ribbon lol


  7. That’s a great idea, will do it with all my love!! When do we start? October 11 or before?


  8. hands on it!!!…let´s spread the word!..really cool idea!


  9. I would love to do this, but you know I’m computer “illiterate”. I have a FB avatar I could use. I don’t know.


    • Well, you do have some time. So don’t sweat it, gurlfriend. Step back and think about it for a few days, and then ease into it. (I hear ya.)

      Stephe ^@@^


      • I will, with my luck I’d end up sending a “tweet” to a convicted felon in somebody’s prison. He’d tweet me back….”Hey little mama, I’m blowing this joint in 6 mos. check you when I’m out.”

        So, I have to think about Twitter. (SMILES)


  10. Oh what a cool idea!


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