RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 26. Freshening up after a good sweat.

— Written by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast September 24. Screen caps by 姫 (Hime).

Yes, this past RAIN The Best Show Seoul concert weekend threw us all for a loop, so much so that we had no time to even think about RAINY DAY, didn’t it? But, of course, we love our RAINY DAY episodes and so a little voice in the back of our heads didn’t let us completely forget it.  We’re really glad to finally be watching it now. 🙂

And so… we start off with Rain down in a hole. Literally. A hole in a RAIN The Best Show 2011 Korea tour rehearsal stage, as he watches the JumboTron intro for “I’m Coming.” The intro passes inspection, the Crew comes in, and a casual “I’m Coming” run-through ensues. JiHoon is completely in the creative mode that we all love to watch. He certainly knows how to use those long, fine dancer’s arms of his, even while deep in thought, doesn’t he?

After “Don’t Stop”, the Man is lifted into the air during a “Love Story” fine-tuning. Alas, a poor mic stand pays the price as Hoon unintentionally gives it the ol’ heave-ho. Well, that’s different, isn’t it? Usually he’s so gentle with them, and attentive, and downright seductive. Usually he has every Cloud across creation wishing she were a mic stand… 😉

Wow, our favorite guitar player is tearing “Love Story” up! And check out Mr. I Am The Guitar Police, conducting a very important and impromptu inspection and looking quite sheepish. JiHoon, what are you doing? LOL!

Ah. An instrument switch, and then on to a lounge-like, acoustic “Love Song.” A very special version indeed. ♥

There sure are some serious ab-checks going on. First Rain, and then the Gori-fied one… anybody else gonna give it a go? Gotta make sure The Goods look good for the Clouds, yo.

“My Way”, check. “Rainism”, check. Okay, the Crew is trying to levitate you with spirit fingers, dear, but you’re not cooperating. Heheh.

SECOND MARKER 8:23! Are you kidding me, RAINY DAY? It was barely a second and if you blinked, you missed it, but what an edit! Did you time that on purpose? You almost put my eye out. Wowzer. @_@ Moving on (not that I want to!).

FOR ANYONE WHO HAS ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE RAIN TAKE A QUICK SHOWER: There is a golden moment as Mr. Multi-Tasker not only runs through “Nan” but also uses it to freshen up after a hard day’s perspiring. And I couldn’t care less that his clothes are on. ^________^ *pause* *rewind*

“It’s Raining”, check. “Chajayo”, check. *scream* Chajayo! *scream* JiHoon, you sneaky devil. Thanks for pulling this song out of the archives, dude!

Hmm. Eh… Hongshi? You okay? LOL!

And with Hongshi’s funkier than a monkey dance, we are out! What a cute episode. Please join me next time, Rain fans. 😀

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(Video credit: jackjihoon @YT)

(screen caps courtesy of 姫/Hime)

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~ by Cloud USA on September 29, 2011.

7 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 26. Freshening up after a good sweat.”

  1. Aww he looks so cute during this like when the mike fell hahaha the look on his face I just loved it. Can’t believe we’re almost at the end of these Rainy Days series for awhile? 😦 I’m so going to miss all his cute and funny expressions. T_T


  2. I would like to know if i was the only that kept rewinding it back to the shower part…cause lord how mercy!! i was freaking out…..oh and that hair,( fainted)..i just wish i could be that water 😀


  3. lol i STILL wish i were tht mic stand *sinful grin* lol


  4. Me encanto este video, lindo mi Rain.. y la parte de la ducha … ♥


  5. Oh man, that shower… He killed me!! Georgeous Hair Overdose!!!!! Arghhh!!!! He moved THE HAIR and I spazzed!! So I was spazzing the whole part like fish out of water!! Gaaah Then arms washing… more spazz…pleeaaasseeee put me out of my misery!! *wimpers*


  6. Umm yeah, Rain you can continue with your impromptu shower…..don’t stop on our account. 😉


    • i agreed gawd…..!!
      DON’T EVER STOP…..it itching out what to think next about pull him in a shower together i mean on my private place ahahahahahah MERCY i would like to confuessssssss of him to be all
      *Nake* O_O
      eyyyeyeyeyeyeyey :P) yup i said and?????????

      i can go one watching rain with that T_Shrit on him gosh he so HOT just simply outfit how my hand and finger is so itching here :P)
      ahahah payful time soonbang ekekek Rainism he are playing around wil perfroms Rainis Rain that why i love watching BTS so much u can reveal how they react behinde and all…. LOVE his dancer !! 🙂
      sooooooobangggggggggg!! LMAO!!
      i very love this personaldo fun tomwatch him yeah !! keeppoping ya…!
      end… i can’t seenext epi so far this one going to my farviote ahahah replay… :0


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