[fan cams] Rain at the Disabled People’s Culture & Arts Festival.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

110929_Hip_Song.mp4. (credit: reunify @YT)

110929 장애인 문화축제 팬더공주 인터뷰. Conversation.

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)


MC: Nice to meet you

Rain: Nice to meet you.


MC1 : It’s been a long time. You look more handsome than ever. You’ve become noticeably more handsome.

MC2 : I’m sure you’ll successfully lead this concert today.


Rain: Thank you for this opportunity to attend such a wonderful event before my entering the army.


MC2 : Would you say a few words for the audience?

Rain: Hello, everyone, I’m glad to meet you. This is Rain.


MC1 : You’re just the person who never misses such a meaningful event. How do you find this event?


Rain : I know that it is an exhilarating event that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, regardless of whether he or she is a handicapped person. I hope such an event will be held frequently and everyone will be happy.

I think it is of the last importance.


MC1: You seem to get in better shape than ever. You radiate masculine appeal.

MC2 : You look smashing in that suit. What do you have in your jacket?


Rain : Actually, I have just finished shooting a film about fighter pilots, but I need to take care of so many last-minute details, including interviews, so I’ve been too busy working to go out. Within a hairbreadth, I could not attend this event. Luckily, however, it is now possible for me to perform and it’s great to be here.


MC1 : I do not doubt that you’ll be faithful in the discharge of your duties in the army. We want to see your next performance.

110929 장애인 문화축제 팬더공주 RAINISM.

110929 장애인 문화축제 팬더공주 It’s raining.

~ by Cloud USA on September 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “[fan cams] Rain at the Disabled People’s Culture & Arts Festival.”

  1. Gah…love the performances he does in a suit!


  2. RADIATE is right. Instead of his song being RAINISM it needs to be RADIATION!! lol

    *sing ot the chorus of “Rainism*

    “im ra-diation, ra-di-ation, radiating mas-cu-lin-a-ty!!!” I make everyone go crazy now. crazy now, Now let me knock you too ur feeeeet/ Im gona be a bad boy im gona b a bad bad boy”

    lolololololololol THAT should be ur new single Mr. Jeong


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