15 Responses to “[fan account] So after my string of bad luck, I was able to see the man…from only 3 feet away.”

  1. Thans 4 sharieing .


  2. Gosh… a wonderful and so beautifully written account and thank you for posting.. Having read sweet and pleasant praises for RAIN make me love and adore him much much more.. And yes it’s true, RAIN has that “effect” on women regardless of their age.. He may be too young to be my idol but.. HE’s SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE…. MMuaah.. Good luck RAIN and come back in 2 years’ time safe and sound.


  3. What a wonderful fan account. Not only were you able to attend his concert but you got a glimpse of him outside the venue….I can only imagine how amazing that must of been.


  4. “I wanted him to know, even if for a brief second that a young bushy haired black girl from America loved him. And for that second he knew…” wow! thank you for sharing this! that part made me cry!…=)=)=)


  5. awawawaw this so inspired and TOUCHING of what she wanted to see and it was one of the LUCKY concert indeed she have see in her self and enjoy these BEST atmosphere ever !!
    i am so proud of her just like everybody proud rain after see his performance your heart will love him and seriously loyay fans attract to him forever .
    this was very amazing ecounter and one LUCKY day too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rain is the GodFather of Kpop so new kpop fans need to RECOGNIZE WHO PUT KPOP ON THE MAP and whoโ€™s the reason why their favorite group can travel the world and be recognized.
    *And Iโ€™m done with that rant.โ€
    AMEN !! to this and so TRUE
    that KING OF DANCE
    oh this so sweet at Aiport waiting for rain i love that fact he always waying to all his fans and smiling at them no wondering all his fan so DEVOTE to him and will dear themself to travel where ever his concert well be !!
    the best part how lucky that rain even see her and waying READ DID U READ THIS their is American USA fan for please come to USA too thank u !! this was very good ecounter and thank u sharing us this it just make my day BEAUTIFUL….!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Thanks for sharing this great fan account..reading it made me feel like i was there..you are so lucky!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Preciosa historia,, al final tuve mucha suerte de verlo tan cerca y la descripciรณn que da de Rain, hace que lo adora aun mas. Pienso que la edad no interesa cuando el artista es asombroso, yo tengo 17 aรฑos y para mi no hay nadie que se compare con el…nadie.

    Precious history. She was lucky. I think that the age is not important, when the artist is amazing, I have 17 years old and I do not know anybody that compares with Rain… nobody


  9. AJUMMAS in DA H-O-U-S-E….Oww!! Shoot, throw away THIS Tenderoni??…I think NOT!!

    I’ve have Never felt bad about having sinfully naughty thoughts about all that Sexy….not the least little bit….”Not Never”. Even though I could be his older…ahem…sister. He’s legal baby! (SMILES)

    I’m so “jealous”….Oh to have seen him up close and in the flesh in front of my eyes…I would absolutely DIE! (SMILES) Thank you for giving us such an entertaining accounting of the night you had with him. I feel like a voyeur. (SMILES)


  10. Wow!! Great account, thanks for posting!! My favorite parts were “the Ajummas were in full force” and “TV nor photos do him justice”. The first cuz the thought of ladies 50-60 years old going nuts about Rain makes me feel at ease about my own age and being a fan of a performer 15 years younger than me. Kekeke I think that Rain has the same effect on women no matter their age. The second part cuz I know that seing Rain in person must be glorious. The Man looks incredible in photos and TV already so being able to see him up close and personal must take your breath away, cause palpitations, nosebleeds and catatonia. Rain is georgeous and his charming personality makes him irresistible.


  11. hee hee im so happy………(rain r u reading this?)

    anywho thanks stephe!


  12. thanks for sharing this awesome fan acc ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. aaawww.. lucky indeed..


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