[articles][slide show] Rain, Rain, don’t go away! :)

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(Image credit: Rain / 29rain @Twitter)

MTV K 9/27/2011 — by Ellie Lee Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away! The day has finally come, my fellow Clouds. Our precious Rain, the King of Asian Pop, is leaving to valiantly fight for our country!

Well, he won’t technically be fighting, but for the sake of this article, we’ll pretend that he’s courageously defending our land and leading his fellow soldiers into the victories of war! Oh Rain, you are our hero!

On a less dramatic note, Rain has just wrapped up the last shows of his final tour before heading into the military service. The superstar took to his Twitter to thank his fans for all the love, “For 10 years we held about 120 concerts, thank you for everyone that came. I love you.”

Rain will begin serving in the military on October 11. We’ll miss you, our beloved Bi!

Stay tuned for MTV K’s photo coverage of Rain’s final concert in Seoul on September 25, coming soon!


MTV K 9/27/2011 — by Anna Park

Slideshow> Rain Bids Farewell To Fans @ The Best Show

On September 24 and 25, legendary singer Rain held the two final shows of his Rain: The Best Show nationwide concert tour — his last tour before his obligatory two-year enlistment in the military, which begins October 11.

Over 10,000 fans from all over Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world gathered at Seoul’s Bangyidong Olympic Gymnastics Hall to see their favorite world star put on his most passionate performances yet. With a packed set of Clouds’ favorite songs, opening with “Hip Song” and ending with a spectacular encore of “Instead of Saying Goodbye” (how fitting!), hours flew by like seconds and tears filled the stadium at the thought of two whole years without Rain onstage.

» Slide Show: Check out MTV K’s exclusive photo coverage of Rain: The Best Show in Seoul by visiting the original article’s slide show HERE.

(Image credit: Jesse Lord @MTV K)

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  1. Yes that’s what me and thousands of Clouds keep saying but sadly he must go. Sighhh at least I know that Rain is a strong man with a hell of a strong mind and not a boy like others that go so young and vulnerable. May God bless him so he can come back to us safe and sound.


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