[article] Fashion festival to light up Gangnam.

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Models stand on a red carpet during a fashion show in Gangnam, southern Seoul, last year. The district will hold this year’s show between Oct. 1 and 9 with, markets, costume contests and cultural events. / Courtesy of Gangnam District Office

The Korea Times 9/28/2011 — by Kim Rahn

Fashion festival to light up Gangnam

In early October, the affluent Gangnam District in southern Seoul will transform into a huge festival venue as it hosts the 2011 Gangnam Fashion Festival with no extravagance spared.

From Oct. 1 through 9 centered at COEX the celebrations will not only include fashion and shopping but also various sports and cultural events, including a concert featuring hallyu star Rain.

Special promotions and sales are expected to attract foreign travelers, especially Chinese tourists timed with the occasion of the country’s national holiday.

“We may be able to say that Gangnam is already a special fashion zone, as we have 463 fashion-related companies, taking up 31.2 percent of the district’s total sales outlets,” the district Mayor Shin Yeon-hee said in a briefing in Seoul, Wednesday.

A fashion market will be set up at COEX between 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Oct. 1 to 3, offering discounts on clothes by 75 domestic and international brands. Part of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF to send clothes to children in Africa.

On the first day, an opening ceremony is planned at COEX with a concert by the Gangnam Symphony Orchestra at 7 p.m. In a rookie contest to follow, college students will showcase their designs and winners will get the opportunity to work as interns at fashion companies.

More programs are prepared for the second day, including a “cosplay” (costume play) contest where participants wear homemade costumes of comic or video game characters, a hanbok fashion show, and a wedding fashion show. Trend Collection in Gangnam will be a venue for designers based in Gangnam.

On Oct. 3, makeup artists will present performances combining makeup, hair design and body painting. It will be followed by traditional costume fashion shows by Gangnam’s sister cities _ Chaoyang District of Beijing, Tongyeong of South Gyeongsang Province and Yeongju of North Gyeongsang Province. Male models from 70 countries will also present traditional clothes representing their respective nations.

The festival mood will reach a peak on the last day on Oct. 9 when K-pop star and actor Rain’s concert will take place at a special stage near Dosan Park. During the concert from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Dosan Ave. near the park will be closed.

“Rain, the publicity ambassador to Gangnam district, will perform his last concert before beginning his military service on Oct. 11. We are full of appreciation,” Shin said.

She said China’s Union Pay estimated about 15,000 Chinese visitors will come to Korea during the national holiday there.

During the festival, department stores will hold regular autumn sales while 137 other shops will present up to 50 percent discounts. Hotels, restaurants, galleries and theaters will also offer sales.

Other cultural events have been prepared in conjunction with the festival. On Oct. 3, an International Peace Marathon Festival will take place with the district’s publicity ambassador, actor Park Joong-hoon, and former marathon runner Lee Bong-ju participating.

Between Oct. 4 and 13, 17 galleries in Cheongdam-dong will hold a special exhibition, while college students majoring in arts will sell their works on Rodeo Street in Apgujeong-dong on Oct. 8.


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