[clips][fan cam][Eng trans] Special glimpses of Rain’s Best Seoul concert.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

110925 The best show in Seoul – Cloud special video for Rain (Credit:  Carter 카터 / lyes84302 @YT)

*FYI: You can see this special 8th Cloud video, that was done for Rain for the occasion of his 9/25 Seoul concert, in all its poignant beauty HERE, on The Cloud Media Board, posted by [구름]김지선 (Cloud Kim JiSeon).

Please go and add your comments and encouragement. Thanks, Clouds!

I wanted to at least give you all the gist of what you’re seeing, so that you can comment from your hearts… ^@@^

Special Cloud video loose English translation by Stephe @Cloud USA. Please credit properly, thanks.

“Bi. Rain. Jung JiHoon.

We remember

You walked the path of trials and garlands…

Exceeding yourself in everything you did.

It was phenomenal.

Thank you for everything.

Now, Clouds look forward to yet another thrilling Rain era.”


(Credit: Top Star News / topstarnews @YT)

110924 비(RAIN) 단독 콘서트 2011 RAIN ASIA TOUR “THE BEST” 밀착취재 1.

110924 비(RAIN) 단독 콘서트 2011 RAIN ASIA TOUR “THE BEST” 밀착취재 2.


(Credit: 스팟 TV / Spot TV / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

110925 Rain The Best Show in Seoul_Nan.

~ by Cloud USA on September 26, 2011.

4 Responses to “[clips][fan cam][Eng trans] Special glimpses of Rain’s Best Seoul concert.”

  1. That was a very beautiful and touching video they did for him. Seeing the video warms my heart!!!!!!!!


  2. Awww great video!! I love that intro with the sound of wings flapping, very creative. Then such beautiful moments in his career, I like the part of NA’s training cuz it shows that we appreciated his effort and dedication to make Rayzo a character we’ll never forget. The ending killed me cuz he’s with the military outfit and the way they show it was beautiful. The message was awesome, love it! As always Clouds did a magnificent video that I am sure touched Rain’s heart and will help him to endure this time.


  3. The video was very nice and sweet I they do more videos.


  4. That was a beautiful video they did for Rain, it touch my heart seeing that 🙂


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