[interview] Rain to pay his respects to his mother before entering the Army.

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Sports Donga 9/24/2011 — [English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

Rain, “I’ll pay my respects to my late mother before entering the army.”

Rain scheduled to enter the army on October 11th, was interviewed with Sports Donga on the afternoon of the 23rd.

– How do you feel before entering the army?

Rain : Korean under obligation to protect the country, young men must go to army.

I’ll serve in the army with complete loyalty.

– What will you do with yourself until you enter the army?

Rain : Actually, I have a heap of work to do..It might take a while even to arrange the work of my past years..

For now, I should get the job involving the ‘Flight : Close to The Sun’ shooting done..I still have some post synchronizations to be done even if filming has been completed…There will be a lot of advance publicity for the new film, but I don’t have much time.

I’m also working on my next album as a small gift for my fans.

– There was even a rumour you were going to join the air force.

Rain : There is no reason why I’m trying to be on the active list in the army..

I just want to serve in the army ordinarily.

– What do you want to do privately?

Rain : I’ll visit my late mother’s grave and pay my respects to her.

– What are your plans after leaving the army?

Rain : I am being offered a lot of roles from Hollywood..Many works in Hollywood I put off will be talked about after serving in the army.

~ by Cloud USA on September 24, 2011.

10 Responses to “[interview] Rain to pay his respects to his mother before entering the Army.”

  1. Well it’s great to hear about the album. I also saw what everyone else saw….Hollywood….lol.


  2. All I saw was “many Hollywood offers”.

    Okay I saw that he’s going to release an album. ~claps~ Yay.

    We’ll miss you Rain!! 2 years…many fans will be pinning for you!


  3. Rain is such a respectful man, its great that he is paying respect to his mom, who i am sure is watching him from heaven and is also proud..the love that i feel for his family (((smiles))) 😀


  4. Aww it warms my heart every time to hear him talk about his mother. He is such a devoted and loving son. Based on what he said about entering the army it makes me feel better that he seems to be in good spirits. That with complete loyalty he is ready to fulfill his responsibilty. I am so darn extremely happy with a big oh smile on my face that he is still going to release his album. I just cannot wait to hear it!!!! Also, that he will be focusing on doing movies in the US when he get out. I just cannot wait to see him in the movies.


  5. now that he mentioned Hollywood I cannot wait for him to come back!!!…good luck in the Army..aja aja BI!!!


  6. After the army……USA here I come!!……….That’s what I see…..don’t know about nobody else…..but that’s what my Invisi-Lines saw!
    (*doing the cabbage patch dance*)……….BIG SMILES!

    Yes, pay respects to Mama…..your special Guardian Angel……such a good son! (SMILES)


  7. Awwwww it seems he’s going to release an album after all!! I’m soo excited!!! Baby you really are the best!! Love u more!!


    • It’s for us fans, but it’s also good business. Release an album, maybe release a quick video for YT viewers, fans on social media will do the rest. The new music will keep us occupied for a least the next year and a half. Which is about how long a stretch any popular artists’ album will run. His stint in the army at that point will be half over and he’s STILL in our consciousness. For Clouds it’s a no brainer, but for new fans or those who were on the threshold of becoming fans, it keeps him front and center even though he wouldn’t be performing anywhere.

      That’s smooth……huh?! Work “yo” jelly boo…..I ain’t mad! (SMILES)


  8. oh gosh what he said so confident !!
    i know and for the fact he obligation to protect the country, young men must go to army.he will be back and return a a BEETER man and very SMART Secy SOLDIER like he is on it !!
    the country will never forget what he done to it and they will going to love this man even better u wait and see .
    gosh talking about that i serious want to see ever pict update what he wear and what he he do even though that NOT happen 😦
    oh did keep said he have a new Album for his fans i wondering he release on his gap day i know rain can make this happen until 11th i just curious is it what is cover of the name of the Album is???
    he did let any his fan down of his point of review rain will release his Album can’t wait to hear it ,..
    about his Mother rain is one dictated and DEVOTE Son who never forget her and even to her grave to see her for last time before his ship off i know u have a heart to her and what comet o your mind rain she is PROUD so much u have done to your country and peoples and fans and she know u can make this happen again !


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