[info] Rain The Best Show Official Goods will be available in Seoul.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor^@@^

For everyone going to the Best Seoul concerts this weekend, please see the information below, posted in the Notice section of Rain’s official website today.  Be safe, be smart, and have a great time!


(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu. / currency conversion to USD by Stephe) 

[Sep-21-2011]<Notice from rain-jihoon> Regarding [THE BEST SHOW] goods sales at Seoul concert venue.

Hi, this is J.Tune Camp. 2011 RAIN TOUR [THE BEST SHOW] goods will be sold at Seoul concert venue.

Concert date : 24 September 2011: PM 5:00 / 25 September 2011 : PM 5:00

Goods sales Location : The goods will be sold at a place which is right next to the fan club booth inside the Gymnastics Stadium at Seoul’s Olympic Park where Rain’s concert will be held.

[Here are a few things that you need to be aware of]

-If possible, please pay for them in small change to prevent confusion.

-If the goods are all sold out early, the sale can be finished earlier than expected.

-The goods are cash only.

[Our policy on refunds and exchanges] -No refund is possible simply by changing the heart of purchaser.

-A full refund and any exchanges are possible within the same date only if the goods are distorted or damaged.

[Further information on the goods]

오리지널 야광봉 : Original luminous cheering stick : 10,000 KRW [est. $9. USD]

슬로건타올 : Slogan towel : 15,000 KRW [est. $14. USD]

티셔츠 : T shirt : 20,000 KRW [est. $18. USD]

실리콘 야광 팔찌 : Silicon luminous bracelet (Two in each set) : 8,000 KRW [est. $7. USD]

캐릭터 양말 : Character socks : 8,000 KRW [est. $7. USD]

클리어파일 : Clear file (Two in each set) : 7,000 KRW [est. $6. USD] 

*(Additional items ) : Special photo A and Special photo B are 10,000KRW each (undisclosed photos).. Those photos will also be sold at Seoul concert venue.

~ by Cloud USA on September 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “[info] Rain The Best Show Official Goods will be available in Seoul.”

  1. Yes I wish they’d make them available online, maybe after the tour is over. I’d love a T-shirt a the very least.


  2. I would love a t-shirt, but alas this concert’s in another country. I SO need to run J-Tune, these dudes could be making serious cash from his Western fans simply by offering way for us to purchase his concert goods online (in English preferably/possibly). If there’s a way already, “Oopsy” I was unaware.


  3. hope those merchandise are also available overseas.


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