[images] Rain’s live charity concert for Japan: The pics keep rolling in.

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

I could resist them if they just weren’t so darned adorable. *sigh*

(Images: caco / RainBiLove2)

~ by Cloud USA on September 19, 2011.

17 Responses to “[images] Rain’s live charity concert for Japan: The pics keep rolling in.”

  1. Awww seeing him laughing so hard bring joy to my heart too!! Rain is enjoying EVERY minute with his fans. What a guy!! There’s no time for doubt or sadness for him. I admire his way of thinking. Damn, baby, here we go again, you teaching this noona to live life to the fullest!! Love you more for this cuz I feel younger too and is Because of you. Of course you look younger!! You shine baby!!


  2. yeah i agree with everyone about rain looking younger then what he is, i’m 26 and people say i look younger then what i am..can some one tell me how a 26 is suppose to look?


  3. But he IS only 29……………………………..


  4. @followurheart11,

    Be careful what you wish for……….he might revert back like “old” Ben Button………back to diapers. Anti-aging creams can work miracles these days, like some government experimental “ish.” (SMILES)

    *Just saying* (SMILES)……………..*Just kidding* (SMILES)


  5. Benjamin Button Bi………………………………


  6. Realmente Rain ..no tiene edad. Su carita de bebe es eterna. Luce muy atractivo y su sonrisa es preciosa ..me hace suspirar y suspirar .


  7. Rain look so darn cute, handsome, and younger all at the same time in all the pics. I love them all. Rain has always looked younger than his age. However, lately he has been looking alot younger. It is like he is not aging. I too would love to know what it is he is doing. I will say for this whole tour he has appeared to be very happy. I agree with Stephe it probably is his unflagging spirit to not let anyone or thing beat him down. Also, his ability to LOL at any given moment. He does have such a beautiful spirit. Maybe this is his secrete to looking young. Whatever it is I want it, LOL!!!!!


  8. I am serious, what was his age now?! Why is he getting younger and younger! Man, Rain, you look so younger and charmer and handsomer and…. โค what is your secret? come on, share it with us. I told you, I AM SERIOUS!! ^^


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