[program][English] MBLAQ on K-Wave Station: “Rain is like a real brother.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Hi there, fans of Rain, MBLAQ, and KPop!

This week’s episode of KBS World’s K-Wave Station features Men In MBLAQ, the Boys’ first independent concert (from August 20 this past summer), in its K-Wave News segment, and the visuals are fantastic. A brief clip or two of MBLAQ in the training room with Rain, from last fall, was included as well as some MImB interview time. We really like the way KBS showed how diverse MBLAQ’s fan base has become. A+s are from many different parts of the world and come in all colors!

The Boys’ success is nicely showcased, and begins around the 8:10 minute marker.

Also included in this week’s episode are stories on T-ara, the new movie “Champ”, actress Han JiMin, and other interesting topics. (Wah, what is this? A quick, unassuming snippet of the “Rainism” music video at the beginning of T-ara’s K-Pop No. 1 segment. Thanks, KBS! 😀 )

Please enjoy, everyone.

[K-WAVE STATION] ep13_11.09.09 (Credit: KBS World / kbsworld @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on September 14, 2011.

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