MBLAQ check: While in Brazil, do as the Brazilians! :)

Written by Stephe Thornton, Manging Editor ^@@^

By now, you’ve all heard—or seen—that when MBLAQ landed in São Paulo, Brazil this past week, in order to judge the first KPop Cover Dance Festival of its kind there, they effectively brought a section of the airport to a standstill, caused the authorities to have to close off the street in front of their hotel, seeing as no one could drive on it for the HOARDS of A+s keeping vigil there (thumbs up, ladies and gents! 😀 ), and brought their Brazilian fandom to happy tears.

Though it had to have been a little scary at times, the Boys were as cool as cucumbers and seemed to enjoy their fans very much. They really repped for South Korea, and we are so proud of them! ♥

As we understand it, from festival-goers on YouTube, around 400-500 fans were allowed into the event because of the small size of the place, while around 6000 more  had to wait outside for when the Boys would come back out afterwards. Yes, I said 6000. Heavens! There was also a flashmob outside at some point, performed for the Boys as they watched from what looked like a balcony over the scene.

Overall, we think that relations between Brazil and South Korea are pretty solid after this. What a great idea! Congrats, MBLAQ!

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org 

Met upon arrival. MBLAQ 브라질(Brazil)공항영상 (Airport Video). (Credit: J.Tune Camp / jtunecamp @YT)

“Samba” Mir and his Crew. LOL! 110907 – MBLAQ in Brazil – Dancing Samba. (courtesy of Ksuuh @YT)

MBLAQ takes the stage and the place almost implodes. 🙂 110907 – MBLAQ “Oh Yeah” – Sao Paulo – Brazil. (courtesy of Gabby9930 @YT)

REDE TV in Brazil covers MBLAQ’s visit. MBLAQ NO BRASIL!! [SP] – Leitura dinâmica (07/09/2011) (courtesy of TomNamikaze @YT)

Interview on REDE TV, English subbed. 110909 [ENG SUB] MBLAQ Interview on Leitura Dinâmica part 1. (courtesy of ohmymireu @YT)

MBLAQ in Brazil – Parque da Luz. (courtesy of FTIEMIOK @YT)

On their way back to Korea. MBLAQ IN BRASIL (SÃO PAULO) – LEAVING THE HOTEL (07/sep/2011). (courtesy of Imaril @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on September 10, 2011.

6 Responses to “MBLAQ check: While in Brazil, do as the Brazilians! :)”

  1. I am so excited with the enthusiasm their fans in Brazil showed!! It was amazing to see girls going crazy and the boys were stunned but happy. I hope Mblaq gets some time to go on tour in Brazil and other cities like Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. I am sure they won’t be dissapointed.


  2. I’m so happy for them. They were so cute dancing and during their interview


  3. LOL, that Samba video was freaking hilarious. 🙂


  4. This is great. MBLAQ is branching out and “seeing the world” which is great for them in many ways. I saw a couple of these videos yesterday and on the video of them arriving at the airport I swear one fan sounded like she was giving birth the screams were so loud. (SMILES) They love some MBLAQ…….good going guys!


  5. 1 vid
    wowowow FIGTHING @@ !! MBLAQ Brazil fans very love u so proud of the SHOWERING of their Supporting them Oh Yeah!!
    love Oh Yeah perfrom the fan just so excited and screaming the tongue of their mouth u can hear the L-O-V-E from them they are they to Judge theor contest and perform for their fans too this differneatly LOVE MBLAQ i proud of then gotta ENVY the Brazil fan my rain should see this is so HARDCORE !! OMG!!
    3 vid
    they was so SHOCK to Brazil it was the first time they ever see some K-pop like Mblaq STOLE Rule their place ahahaha i am just proud for them too fan all up for them and went from Airport to pouring down the STREET this was EXTREMELY the best i ever see in Mblaq Kudo to them and fan as well ..
    Mir so cute he speak the true how he have his feeling of been perform and yet goes on confident ekekek yup they are the first K-pop group in Brazil i very liking the OUTCOME from see ya… the boy very have many fan all around the world soon later i believe Mblaq will have an positive Asia Tour ahahahahahah 🙂
    and i do think the boy are working such so hard for their fan just like our rain hyung too .
    i agreed with Seungho say they showing us quite a bit of their experience and give such a mic and taste of their perform their style change suit their perform and yet the boy work with his stage as well esp i very love I DON’T KNOW !! it is charming .
    G.O. and rest Mblaq are sure know how to make the MC feel proud they want to bring the show in Brazil ?? i could mind in fact if they have a live chart i would say they would at lease sale of the chart u can tell how crazy those fan are already but by that they are SCARE by them u know how it is !!
    i can see Mblaq might think brail it bit so wiere how the boy have finish talking yet and the MC took the mic and explain seungho very care of his fan he see the result of the fan not was not expect so he want to be fair how amazing he is LOVE U SEUNGHO
    6 vid
    ahahah Mblaq just enjoy chating ekekek oh mblaq just dance oh Yeah with brazil fan he seem to have fun ekeke their LOVE IT! they are being them self ahahahahah
    last vid
    they was clam waiting for the boy Hotel and want them to sigh for their Signature poor they would let them do it gosh one security tight as well the fan waying bye to them and even did saraghae too how i love this Brazil fans

    4 vid
    i have one with Eng Sub


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