[clip][Eng trans] Actor Jang GeunSeok talks about Rain on Golden Fishery.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As you recall, » cutie GeunSeok got up on Rain’s Best Busan stage and totally cut a rug! He literally couldn’t stop dancing. 🙂 This show, with host shaman Kang HoDong, was aired on 9/7/11.

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(Brief English summary by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Actor ‘Jang Geun Seok’ said on MBC TV’s show program ‘Golden Fishery’ aired last 7th that he had done a dance battle with singer Rain.

‘Jang Geun Seok’ went to Rain’s concert in Busan with Jang’s friend who is a huge fan of Rain, and met Rain for the first time in ten years after appearing in a situation comedy with Rain during Jang’s rookie season.

“Rain arranged the best positions for us that day. At the end of his concert, ‘Shuffle Dance’ music was pounding out from the band, so I started dancing to the music, jumping up out of the chair before anyone else.

When I was dancing in a sweat, a concert official came to me and offered to go on stage, so I did so without hesitation. I wonder how I dared to dance ‘Shuffle Dance’ in the presence of international ‘dancing king’ Rain, inwardly screaming ‘It is I who am just the king of Shuffle Dance.’ At that time Rain told me, “I can’t catch up with you”. In fact, my strength is that I’m younger than him.”

~ by Cloud USA on September 8, 2011.

4 Responses to “[clip][Eng trans] Actor Jang GeunSeok talks about Rain on Golden Fishery.”

  1. Gahhh!! My two cuties! 🙂


  2. He was just being silly. LOL He knew that Rain reigned when it came to dancing, and had to tell himself the opposite to get past the fear of dancing in front of him. kekeke aww 🙂

    They respect each other a lot.

    Stephe ^@@^


  3. What!! I am not sure I get where he is going with his comments. Is his comments suppose to be a compliment toward Rain or is he bragging that he is a better shuffle dancer than Rain? That he is better because he is younger. I suppose we all are great in our own minds, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


    • LOL,

      I think he was talking about how “exhausted” Rain was after awhile. I think he meant he had more energy ’cause he was “younger.” Of course just completing a 3-hour concert would have had nothing to do with it, right??? LOL.

      Terri :-}


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