[from Rain] Rain’s benefit concert to bring aid and comfort to Japan.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As I mentioned in this week’s Open Thread post, Rain will be doing a live charity concert in Tokyo and Kobe in order to raise more disaster aid for Japan, a wonderful thing indeed. Please see below his personal message posted on the Korean side of his website today. Sounds like the shows will be televised so that a lot more people can watch and participate in the event, a great idea. Thumbs up!


(Source: Rain’s Official Website / English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Hello, everyone.

It’s been a long time since I last met you.

This is Rain (Bi)

It’s a very great pleasure to meet many of you in each region every weekend these days.

And, I have good news.

I’ll be giving a benefit performance in a fan meeting form in Japan on September 13, 15.

Now at last I have an opportunity to give a hand and bring cheer to many of Japanese fans having a hard time by a severe natural disaster, after pondering upon it long enough.

I hope that there are many of you who will be inspired to participate in this very significant event which is also a fan meeting as it’s not easy for me to find time.

Hope this concert will encourage the Japanese earthquake victims, and thank many of you (to watch the concert) in advance for your support.^^

Chuseok (like Thanksgiving) is coming up soon.

Happy Chuseok, every fan both at home and abroad..

I’ll see you at the concert then~^^

~ by Cloud USA on September 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “[from Rain] Rain’s benefit concert to bring aid and comfort to Japan.”

  1. Rain is such a nice and caring person for others. Even though he is super busy he is taking the time to help Japan. He is truely a wonderful human being in my book!


  2. Rain is the best not only as a performer but also as a human being. It’s great that he is taking time from his extra busy agenda to help Japan. Bless his heart.


  3. IS this so nice and how thoughtfulness of rain is that why i always love this goes and my heart goes out to him coz he always stand for any reason for donation he heart very care of other and what need to supporting them that why i am so envy him and admire his hardworking and all the money he got he always spare out to damnation this was indeed of him thinking and decided to give all the best his concert to Japan yup i know how it felt esp Japan is like his Second homeland too .. i am so proud he think so smart and grap the opportunity for fanmeeting to do this and yet see them too ho i wish i can goes to Japan and see rain or one his concert i differently sent out my LOVE to Japan and that donation as well
    this is very good idea of him and he does care u can tell at always my rain that my honor of heart and soul .


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