New on the Block.

• REFRESHED: Our Rain On The Horizon Page (his schedule and history since early 2010).

• REFRESHED: Our Cloud USA Favorite Pics Page.

Co-founder Terri hasn’t completely changed the FP page, because she knows that many of your favorites are on it. Rather, she has freshened it up very nicely with images that will tickle your fancy and that make the page feel sparkly and new.

Warning: Our Favorite Pics Page is not to introduce you to Rain, or to educate you about Rain (although it might just do that in spite of itself), or to merely entice you with Rain.  Its sole purpose is to KILL YOU. To stop your heart. To make you flat-line. So be sure to have your wits about you—not to mention some hand towels, bibs, a cold-water hose, a defibrillator or two, and other helpful paraphernalia—as you open it and let it load. Terri can be quite relentless. 😉

Enjoy, Clouds and Rain fans!

‘Til next time. 🙂

— Co-founder Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on September 6, 2011.

8 Responses to “New on the Block.”

  1. Love that picture and y’all weren’t kidding with that warning….no joke.


  2. oh i love this Pict on him how handsome he is and charming of him too i might fall instant for the man that just give thousand killer smile and know how to make me happy regardless i am mad, sad , depress all i need to do turn my PC and here he goes LIGHT up my day.
    i just wish if this happen i can found a man like him toward my future even though it might or not at lease my rain it all to my heart right rain i got u to myself ahahah 😎


  3. Thanks so much stephe..this as made my birthday great 🙂


  4. How about a bedpan next to us so we don’t need to leave the computer just to relieve our kidneys.
    Thanks so much…. the pictures are heavenly..
    You are right! my heart jerked in different places and my
    eyes wandered from side to side not knowing which picture to look at first,,, so overwhelmed…
    I hope you will feature these post from time to time when Rain is in the service otherwise the Clouds might get sad and go insane with loneliness and depression.
    Thanks Terri and Stephe… do wonders to Clouds…you’re the best Rain supporter I know. You do everything for us, esp me who is illiterate when it comes to computer technos… really dumb… hehe! !


    • ROFL! OMG felisshi, you cracked me up about the bedpan LOL!

      Aww, Thanks for being so kind to us. All of you, and Rain, are very important to us, so we’ll always do our best. Oh, don’t worry about when Rain is in the service! We don’t plan on the blog or the fan site changing at all, right, Terri? In fact, we plan on it getting better. Gotta keep the home fires burning for the Man!

      Stephe ^@@^


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