[fan cam][Eng trans] Rain’s Best Jeju: Joking about double eyelids.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Just when I think he can’t make me laugh any harder… ROFLMAO! All right, JiHoon. One of these days, they’re gonna stay that way! LOL!

JiHoon the Jokester. Rain the Charmer. He’s at peace with his single eyelids, has been for a long time, and by golly, he’s going to keep them. 🙂

110903 Rain The Best Show in Jeju 매덩 매덩 완매덩 완전매력덩어리.  (courtesy of B4marie1 @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.) 

The demands of you guys have required me to prepare a new album.

But nothing’s definite yet.

You are asking me when its release will be possible, right?

I’m not sure.

So what?

What’s the matter?

I don’t think double eyelids look nice on me.

I think I need to get eye-lid surgery, but I’ll probably become the center of controversy after the surgery.

If so (get eye-lid surgery), I’ll transform myself into Mr. Beauty in a very natural way.

But I prefer being a man of charm.

Turning out to be utterly charming.

~ by Cloud USA on September 4, 2011.

7 Responses to “[fan cam][Eng trans] Rain’s Best Jeju: Joking about double eyelids.”

  1. Don’t u dare change a thing! 🙂
    I know he’s being silly, as he is wont to do… just want him to know (if he ever reads this) that we all love him just the way he is. Plus he’d look all weird, like that guy from Super Junior does now.


  2. He’s so silly. Yeah, Stephe that’s what kids would say when their friends turned their eyelids inside out, when I was growing up. “Their gonna stay that way, if you keep doing that.” (SMILES)

    Are people Still making an issue of his eyelids?, geez……isn’t he famous enough at this point. How much more famous does he need to be before people stop making it an issue? Somebody must be talking reckless behind closed doors and that mess gets back to him, then he jokes about it on stage. Don’t know just saying. However, I doubt Very Seriously he would ever do that. He’s read too many of our comments about “f-ing” HOT and SEXY and GORGEOUS he is without it. (SMILES) I can feel it. (SMILES)


    • I don’t really think people are making a big deal about HIS anymore, I mean, he walks down the street and gets product endorsements and movies on the regular where his face is front and center, so they know his assets sell just the way they are…

      But I don’t know that for sure. And it sure as heck is still happening to other entertainers, especially the ones coming into the business…

      And the eye issue is so deeply ingrained in the culture itself that it’s just part of normal thought processes, much like the points of beauty that are ingrained over here. Noses and lips immediately come to mind.

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. LOL….that’s great to hear Rain. Your eyelids are beautiful!


  4. HE TALKING HE SO CHARMING AND WANT HIS FANS TO DEMAND NEW ALBUM lol….. oh rain u so cute ekekek ^_^ and that eyelid just to SEXY for me i would love to see rain make me laugh all day ekeke 🙂


  5. Please dont get eye surgery, your single eyelids are so sexy that is the best part of you even better than your abs. Your abs come and go but your eyes will stay the same sexy way. Get that thought out of your head and dont debate with anyone about you. Love you, never change.


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