Blast from the Past #92: Can You Imagine A Rainy Day @ Madison Square Garden?

~ Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Can you just imagine seeing local announcements saying that Rain’s concert is coming to your city in the U.S.A.—and SOON?

Can you imagine actually being able to buy tickets to his concert from an English site quickly and efficiently?

Can you imagine seeing Rain’s name up in lights—like this?

Can you imagine being there the day Rain took the stage at Madison Square Garden and blew the minds of his sold-out audience?

Can you imagine Sam’s astonishment at being chosen to come up on stage and be Rain’s girl and then getting a kiss to boot?!  (Well, she says she got a kiss, but I’ve only seen a picture of a hug…or maybe it wasn’t her saying this?  Anyone know?)

Can you imagine writing a fan account about your close encounter with Rain?

Can you imagine reading news articles about Rain’s upcoming concert without having to translate them because they are already in ENGLISH?

(Deborah Sontag’s article from the New York Times about Rain)

Well, we can.  And we like.

— Terri :-} /

Source for most of the pics  Many thanks to @wawalalal on Twitter for the tip! :-}

~ by Cloud USA on September 2, 2011.

5 Responses to “Blast from the Past #92: Can You Imagine A Rainy Day @ Madison Square Garden?”

  1. well, I hope that when he does come back to the US he will come to Vegas again…I’ve done it twice and I’m ready to do it some more!!!,,,I’ll be waiting BI!!! 😉


  2. I can imagine a Rainy Day in Madison Square Garden or anywhere in the US for that matter….lol. It’s going to be awesome the day when buying a ticket for a Rain concert, will be as easy a pie.


  3. A hug or a kiiss on the check as long as hell even shaking the mans hand i will be happy.


  4. Gawd that’s a dream come true!!! That’s what I think every time I get sad cuz his MS, that when he comes back is gonna be amazing, that he is going to be in movies, giving concerts, with a new album and all USA media going crazy about him. I think Rain opened the door for Kpop and in two years kpop is gonna be strong and ready in the world for Rain’s comeback. Then I am gonna go to his concert at last and see him and maybe get a hug from him. Sighhh


  5. Ah! The first time I read this article! Thank you!
    It was around this time last September, Rain got my attention, and that was almost 9 years after his debute back in 2002.


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