[magazine] Esquire Korea March 2011: Being a Man.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

What you would see if you had the book…!

(Source: Esquire Korea March 2011, on location in France  / Rain, Jung JiHoon / Images Credit: philo and phil)

~ by Cloud USA on August 31, 2011.

7 Responses to “[magazine] Esquire Korea March 2011: Being a Man.”

  1. Thanks Terri for the website. I loved all of these pics. Rain looked so darn sexy and hot in all of them!!!! I mean it is not one that I dislike. He is so grown man sexy and I love it!!!!! These pics are some of my favorite pics of him.


    • My pleasure. I’m delighted that I found it for all of us. Might come in useful with future magazine issues too (hope hope).

      And these pics are some of my favorites too. :-}

      Terri :-}


  2. damnit!!!…I want this book!!!…it is to die for…


    • ETA: I just realized that it was a little hard to find on the site, so here’s the direct link to the page where that particular issue can be found:

      Guess what I found, ladies?

      A site that offers Esquire Korea as either a digital read online or a digital download for your computer (works on their special reader). I’ve already set up my account and ordered a copy of the Esquire Magazine featuring Rain (March 2011) and it works BEAUTIFULLY.

      I am at work and so I haven’t downloaded their reader on my computer. I just viewed the mag online. It also works on an iPad, but I don’t have an iPad…so.

      And the digital copy only cost me $4.88, via PayPal!

      Man, what a great lunch break this was. LOL.

      Oh…I guess you want to know the site, huh? It’s http://www.zinio.com/.


      Terri :}


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