After Raizo: Rain’s “Flight” and McTeigue’s “Raven” both take to the air in early 2012?

Written by Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

Recently we posted the news that Rain’s new “Top Gun” movie  비상 [飛上]: 태양가까이 (Flight: Close To The Sun), a revival of the groundbreaking 1964 film Red Scarf and the first aerial blockbuster of its kind in South Korea, has finished filming and is now in post-production.

We were aware that his former director for Ninja Assassin, James McTeigue, was directing a new fictionalized account of the last days of poet Edgar Allen Poe’s life called The Raven, but just today it has come to our attention that Raven is expected to be released in March 2012.

We have always appreciated how McTeigue watched over, encouraged, and supported Rain during his Ninja Assassin odyssey, and we wish nothing but the best for him and his future endeavors. There is no release date nailed down as of yet for Flight: Close To The Sun—so far, word on the street is late 2011 or early 2012—but how cool would it be for their first individual movies after Ninja Assassin to come out at roughly the same time? Both movies are in post-production NOW, at the same time, so time will tell.

Perhaps a few celebratory texts are in their future.

McTEIGUE: “Dude, we’re both killing it at the box office!”

RAIN: “I know! Let’s go drop a couple of soju bombs!” 😉

— Stephe /

(The Raven movie poster courtesy of We really like it because it’s dark, it’s brooding, and it lists “Ninja Assassin” in McTeigue’s credits at the top! “From the Director of Ninja Assassin and V For Vendetta…”)

~ by Cloud USA on August 31, 2011.

5 Responses to “After Raizo: Rain’s “Flight” and McTeigue’s “Raven” both take to the air in early 2012?”

  1. wowowo nice to read and hear this i love NA as well love it as well i have see couple time in theather plus one free with along wioth rain
    ahahahah 😎 this very so cool!! however i very hope rain “fight close To the sun” well be good view and rating and another SUCCESS in it and a lot supporting are truly watching this i already sad for FUGITIVE PLAN B but this seem so different that leading me to even dies hard to watching it can’t wait until next coming .
    and if these are in same show i differently goes rain first or more who know! but to me my eye rain is number 1 and nothing can supass his working the man giving to much for his fans shell i say *appluse* 🙂


  2. I hope both films do well also, but for me The Raven is a tad more intriguing, sorry Boo! I would like to see how this would be adapted on film (takes me back to my English Lit class….100 years ago).

    Oh and I really liked “V for Vendetta” it’s also in my DVD collection, along with NA of course.


  3. That’s soo cool!!! I really hope that both movies gets high revues and high ratings. Of course, If I get to choose, Rain’s movie is my number one!!


  4. Sé que cuando se estrene tu película será todo un éxito, de eso estoy segura. Siempre sigo tus logros y triunfos.. mi príncipe y te deseo lo mejor del mundo …sabes que vives en mi corazón …forever!!


  5. Love the artwork on this poster…..very cool.


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