[quick cam] Tweets abound: Gotta sing, gotta dance, Part 2.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Thanks to Ronnie Yang, a close friend of Rain’s and CEO of Caba Entertainment (a sponsor of the RAIN The Best Show 2011 Korea Concert Tour), we now have video to go with » our previous “Gotta sing, gotta dance” Tweet post from August 9, from the beginning of this month when Rain was rehearsing for his tour.

Nice moves, Rain. GREAT legs, Gori. Thumbs up, Ronnie! 😀

(Original video Source & Credit: noniboy23 @yfrog, 8/30/2011 / courtesy of ratoka @YouTube)

“8년전 이맘때쯤 이곡때문에 고생좀 했지.. 고진감래라했던가.. 지훈아 사랑해~~”

[Rain (Bi) Fancam] Rain Rehearsal.

~ by Cloud USA on August 30, 2011.

4 Responses to “[quick cam] Tweets abound: Gotta sing, gotta dance, Part 2.”

  1. JiHoon does have the best rehearsal videos. 😀


  2. Ever wonder why he had to practice this song and dance when he has performed this about a thousand times already? … that’s why he is great.


  3. I love seeing rehearsal vids! Especially his…(wonder why?) Thanks for sharing!


  4. awawaw love it! esp he rehearsal in casual making the man even HOT….ER of reverse that rain just give Milk aawawawaw !! :P)
    how i wish this was bit longer thank u to ronnie great job for this 🙂


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