RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 22. Close Encounter of the Pop Classical Kind.

Written by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast 8/27. (screen caps: Stephe @CloudUSA)

Holy Moly! We’re — we’re in Dresden! Santokki, indeed! Hello, Mr. Vogler. Good to see!

*calming it down a bit*

Oh, cripes, there goes my blood pressure right back up a few seconds into the first scene, with a dark-suited JiHoon strolling down a Dresden street in the daytime on May 18, on his way to his photo call with Jan and Jan’s MCM-clad cello. 😀 And after the photographers are all satisfied and the photo call is done, we are off to his Classic Meets Pop joint concert rehearsal. This reeks of awesomeness because 1) we’re getting everything from a Backstage Pass point of view, and 2) we get to ogle him in The Gray Tux That Nipped and Tucked in All The Right Places. Sooo cool.

Jan truly is spectacular on the cello, even while Rain is teasing him from across the stage. He isn’t world renowned for nothing, let me tell you. I hope and I pray that one day I’ll be able to attend a Vogler show in person. *sigh*

Oh my my my, peeps… do you all remember back last summer (2010) when JiHoon was in China doing his magazine spread for ELLE? And how one of the interviewers in an article (I’d have to go back and look up which one) mentioned how he comfortably spoke to the photographer in English for a good part of that photo session? Well, that came flying back up in my memory as I watched him conduct this Dresden rehearsal partly in English and in Korean, and if I do say so myself, his English here sounds pretty damn good. MORE than good. As Arsenio Hall used to say, Makes you go hmmmm!

*grinning at the THE KING OF THE WORLD IS COMING, TAKE COVER intro on the opera house JumboTron*

Boy, dig that deep concentration on his face as they run through “Rainism” until he’s satisfied with it. You know he had to be just a tad nervous on top of everything else, being somewhat out of his element like that. Or rather, bringing his element onto an unknown and unpredictable landscape. Bless his heart. “It’s Raining” seemed to go smoothly, and it made me smile to see how some of the tension seemed to leave JiHoon during the times he and Vogler had their heads together about something or other. Vogler had a terrific effect on him (and vice versa!), which is wonderful because it means they weren’t just posturing for the cameras. They genuinely believed in their collaboration for the Dresden Music Festival. They knew that they really were making a difference.

OMG, listen to that cello come in during “Escaping The Sun”! OMG. *strikes a dramatic pose with a hand to my forehead* As Vogler then plays another intro and leads into “Love Song”, I honestly don’t think I can take any more. It’s just too much. Too much of a beautiful thing.

Oh thank heavens that’s over! I was about to explode from over-stimulation of the Pop Classical kind. More than likely, we’ll pick up here next week, so I’d better get myself together and be prepared to “fight the feelin” again!

GREAT episode, JiHoon and RAINY DAY. Until next time, fans!

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / http://www.cloudusa.org

(Video credit: happyyyrain torrent / rainsnow / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 28, 2011.

8 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 22. Close Encounter of the Pop Classical Kind.”

  1. Loved seeing this come together.


  2. That was really fun to watch, seriously. Rain’s voice sounded amazing just rehearsing so to hear him live with Voglers’ beautiful cello in the background must be a mistical experience. Vogler and Rain are one of a kind performers in their own style and it was magical to hear them together.


  3. Love seeing the behind the scenes with Jan Vogler.


  4. as for me i love the voice of him esp he SPEAK in ENGLISH *Melting*
    speachlesssssssssss doorls spaazed go mercy di he know he have a SEXY talk in ENGLISH oh rain u should talk english morte and more about to me awawwaaw :P)
    that grau SUIT so SEXYYYYYYYYYY!! shot i can goes off on him that outfit all day LOlL…. “OK WE DO A REHEARSAL .. ARE U GUYS READY?? OK!
    I very love these 2 “Escaping The Sun” & Love Song
    just to beautiful seriously ! 🙂
    love how rain & Jan Volger put these together so sweet and touching
    i wish i can see them 2 do another event again i mean just to good for a memories <


  5. I am so gone with his voice, even when he was counting “Ah ah ah one two three” just to check the mic I was melting over here. Oh that bass….his voice is beautiful, I can just imagine it when he’s just waking up or sleepy. *fan needed over here, just got a little too heated LOL!*


  6. I guess he is always intense when he is preparing for a live performance. It was funny when a guy tells him that everything was great and he goes “Not yet”


  7. Hi rain, I’m chandhi fm Colombo, Sri Lanka. We watched yr drama Full house. Good luck & god bless.Best drama i watched

    take care & luv u.


  8. Hi rain, I’m chandhi fm Colombo, Sri Lanka. We watched yr drama Full house. Good luck & good bless.Best drama i watched

    take care & luv u.


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