[ad][learning Korean] Class is in session at VIPS!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Well, Rain fans, I got as far as 빕스 No. 1 스태이크 —VIPS No. 1 Steak (bibseu number one seutaeikeu)—before I had to switch over to my Windows IME Korean keyboard and type the rest into a translator. (Translators can be horrible, but thank God for them until something better comes along.) I already recognize endorser 빕스 (VIPS).  “스태이크” appears to be one of the many words that are originally English but have been adopted by Korea. Say it fast, and you’ll see what I mean. Romanized: Seutaeikeu. Sounds like: Suh-tay-ee-kuh. Steak.

빕스 No. 1 스태이크 클래스에 초대합니다! (bibseu number one seutaeikeu keullaeseue chodaehabnida!)

Stephe’s loose translation of Rain’s sign: VIPS No. 1 Steak invites you to class!

Apparently VIPS is having an event where you too can learn how to cook the very best steak in South Korea, as they do. Or something like that. Perhaps you can earn, or win, the classes? (If I’m off here, please feel free to help, native speakers out there. Thanks! 😀 )

One of these days, I’ll be fast enough and proficient enough to whip out whole ad translations for you. That’ll take a while, though, with the Lost In Translation syndrome that happens with Korean-to-English (and vice versa) conversion. (A few direct translations: Visp No. Are invited to a seutaeyikeu class! and here’s No. 1 of this week I invite you to the class! See what I mean? It’s not like you can look at Korean sentences and memorize them and that’s it—oh, you can try, but let’s see how far you really get with that. You have to take phrases out of Korean context and rearrange them into American context in order to sound like you’re making any sense.  Goodness me!)

For now, I’ll just do my best, tread carefully, and take it a little at a time with this beautiful language.

(New event source:  ivips / captures: ratoka @The Cloud Photo Board)

~ by Cloud USA on August 26, 2011.

10 Responses to “[ad][learning Korean] Class is in session at VIPS!”

  1. Soooo… handsome! I like his hair. I don’t care much for the steak. LOL…


  2. may I offer you guys some beginner Korean Lesson from my blog? We are learning together on Twitter, sometimes Melody helped us leaning when she got time http://rainslittlecloud.blogspot.com/2011/08/lesson-1-hangeul-consonants.html


  3. oh I thought it says: VIPS invites you to the No.1 steak class. or You are invited to the No.1 steak class.


    • Same difference. It could very well say that. It’s all pretty much the same idea.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • 세텦헤 <– thats the closest I can get for your name ^^ is it correct?


        • Oh hey, RedCloud! I was going back over comments this afternoon and noticed that I missed yours. Apologies.^^

          That’s one way to spell my name if going by sight and exchanging Hangul letters for American letters, yep. 🙂 But Korean is soooo phonetic that, as I understand it, it’s better to go by sound. One thing that has become quite clear in my classes is that when it come to English words that have been adopted by Korea, most times they use the vowel ㅡ (eu) as a separator between two “unnatural” consonants (such as an “S” and a “T”. And that because there is no “F” sound, they usually substitute a “P” sound for it instead (ㅍ), such as in the country France (프랑스, peulangseu), which is what I should do for the “PH/F” sound in my name.

          So with all that said, 스테파니 (seutepani) is the most correct representation of Stephanie, and 스텦 ( seutep) is Stephe (the “e” at the end of my name is silent).

          GREAT JOB with the Hangul lessons over on your blog site, btw! I’m really impressed!

          Have you all had fun with translating your names over to Hangul?

          Stephe ^@@^


          • it is fun to type in words and try to get the correct spelling ^^ I’m trying to read and re-type Rain related articles.
            Yea your 스테파니 is the correct version, mine is just a ‘type in’ to follow the sound.
            Thank you for liking The Hangul lessons ^^ it is on ‘hold’ at the moment cuz the students need to catch up. I’m still trying to memorized all the characters and the sounds.


            • I do indeed! Hangul lessons is such a great idea. I hope other people go to your blog and are inspired to begin learning too. Keep us all up to speed on how it’s going — word of mouth can be a very strong tool!^^

              Stephe ^@@^


  4. Yes Rain does look so handsome!!! Just looking at him makes me hungry for some steak, LOL!!!!!


  5. ggrrrrrrrr i only know few of korean i gues i have to take some korean classes someday ha ha ha !!
    he look so handsome here dang that killer smiler and the steak he got me all hungry again ekekekek 🙂


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