[fan mades] Raizo, bring the noise!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

I’ve been hankering for some Raizo for a while now, and these two videos have fed me well this evening. I hope they feed your yearning for Raizo too, if you have one, so here we go! Thank you to these YouTubers for incredible work, and for making their videos available for Rain fans to share. 😀

FYI: Gore is UNCUT. You’ve been warned! 

Ninja Assassin Tribute. (Credit and edit: moviebuff94 @YT)

Animal I have Become – Ninja Assassin. (Credit and edit: PsychoFlounder @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 24, 2011.

9 Responses to “[fan mades] Raizo, bring the noise!”

  1. i miss razio and that bladeeeeeeeeeeeee!! YUP Sharpe DON’T MISS WITH ME OR U ALL SHELL DIE* ahahahahah
    this is awesome!!! and his action and thriller are to be dersved watching again !! HECK YEAH one one ever ya…. USA the man is coming so are u ready !! 🙂


  2. oops ment to type I just love that movie so much!!!! The action scenes performed by Rain was beyond awsome, incredible, and amazly hot!!!!!!!!!


  3. NA is one of my all time favorite action/movies period!!!!!! I just that movie so much!!!!!!!! These were two amazly put together videos, I loved them!!!!!


  4. Love it and the gore isn’t that bad compared to some movies.


  5. Oh I am used to see this kind of gore!! Watched all Spartacus’ episodes; after those, NA looked like a child’s play!! Lol!!! Great videos, thanks for posting them!! Love Raizo!!!


  6. There’s my FAVORITE Blasian couple! (SMILES)

    Stephe, I have watched NA Too Many times, THIS movie’s “gore” I’m used to. (SMILES)


  7. I know what I’m watching today!!


  8. Thats what I’m talking about slice and dice baby! slice and dice. hahahaha Thanks Stephe


  9. Raizo!!! <3.<3

    thanks for sharing ^^


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