[post] MBLAQ check: Cover Boy In BLAQ, and Men In MBLAQ.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Nicely done, Joonie dear. Nicely done! We’re very proud of you. 😀

And if you all haven’t seen fan cams from the Boys’ concert this past weekend, dear fans, you should! The Boys were amazing.  Their A+s were in full force and were almost driven out of their ever-loving minds. Good show!

HelloKPop 8/24/2011 — by Tanvi

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon on “Men’s Health” 

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon will be on the cover of Men’s Health magazine for the September 2011 edition.

The magazine also showcases a three page photo-spread with this young pop star. For his photoshoot, Joon revisited his Ninja Assassin days and posed in various ninja-like poses, thus creating a very sharp and powerful image.

Check out some of his pictures below:

Sources : absolutemblaq (news and pictures)


HelloKPop 8/22/2011 — by Nini

MBLAQ: “Men In MBLAQ” Concert Updates

On August 20TH, MBLAQ held their first solo concert, MEN in MBLAQ, in Seoul at the Jamsil Indoor stadium. The concert was announced in July and tickets went on sale on the 21st of July, selling out all 13,409 seats of the stadium in less than an hour. The concert was a huge success, prompting the possibility of more dates to be added soon. Thanks to some wonderful fans that were in attendance at their concert we have obtained some fan cam video footage from the event.

» You can see all the fan cams in this post and see Nini’s post in its entirety on the HelloKPop site HERE. For your viewing pleasure, here is SeungHo’s wonderful piano solo and the Boy’s Poppin’ Interlude—WOW! — Stephe ^@@^

[Fancam] Seungho Piano and Popping Solo MIM. (courtesy of blaqbi2 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 23, 2011.

9 Responses to “[post] MBLAQ check: Cover Boy In BLAQ, and Men In MBLAQ.”

  1. So proud of the guys.


  2. i hate that u can’t see Mir’s performance here. he brought the house down with his solo.


  3. Joon does a good job in this spread and Seung during his performances is just amazing (there’s another fancam with a frontal view of Seung’s dance that’s awesome). everyone of the Men in MBlaq are so gifted and talented i enjoyed every minute of these concerts vids.

    my only problem is that whoever upload Mir’s solo performance has put “Private” on it now, so that others can’t see it. THAT IS A D**N SHAME, cause that boy WAS IN HIS OWN ZONE, and he literally broght the house DOWNNNNNN. with his performance.


  4. Get your sexy on Joonie!


  5. MY YANG Seungho are amazing that panio play just melting how he keep so good and sound so i just love and fall in love with him watching he plating that paino yup i felt the cream and defeaning of his Solo he so GOOD at that !! kudo to Mblaq MIN they very did amazing job in their Solo concert i am so impressive with them so do rain as well 🙂


  6. OMG!! Joonie i am calleing out my pleasure here damg that CHEST O_)Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    so hot and that ninja madness here *SWOON* he does looking so good and awesome here get the vid play here HURRY 🙂 his hair suit his outfit and that expreesion look too wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :p)


  7. Wow he look very sexy!


  8. Wow…looking good June Bug…looking good.


  9. Wow….awesome.


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