[fan cam][Eng trans] “My Woman” at Best Busan: Rain is a smart cookie.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Good call, Hoon. Mr. Teddy Bear is okay (and this little girl is sooo cute), but you should up the age anty a bit when it comes to 내 여자  flowers and romance. Kekeke! 🙂

110814 10 THE BEST SHOW IN PUSAN 내여자팬이벤트 (My Woman/My Girl Fan Event). Courtesy of raintic @YT.

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Rain : Can you dance well?

Chae Eun (11 years old) : (smiling as if she is not a good dancer.)

Rain : You don’t think you’re a good dancer?

Chae Eun : I don’t know.

Rain : You don’t know?

Rain : What’s your dream?

Chae Eun : I want to be a singer..

Rain : What makes you think that?

Chae Eun : I wish I were like you ‘Bi oppa’ because you are great.

Rain : Because I’m great?

Chae Eun : Right..

(Just then, thud, thud, thud)

Rain : Why are fingering my hand over and over, anyway?

Rain : How about holding hands this way?

Rain : Who is your favorite female singer?

Chae Eun : IU..

Rain : IU? Oh.. IU..

Rain : Do you want to be like her?

Chae Eun : (She is nodding)

Rain : I’m sure you’ll realize your dream later.

Rain : I hope my activities will still go on even until her debut.

Rain : ‘Chae Eun’, come, let’s go!

Rain : “I’ll work hard till then”..’Chae Eun’, please be sure to tell your daddy what I said..

Rain : ‘Chae Eun’, good bye~~

Rain : I think singing the song for a minor is rather awkward.

3:49: 4:00
Rain : I’ll give this flower to a person who is not a minor.

~ by Cloud USA on August 22, 2011.

8 Responses to “[fan cam][Eng trans] “My Woman” at Best Busan: Rain is a smart cookie.”

  1. So cute.


  2. Um yeah, the little girl was too young. However Rain handled that very well. 🙂


  3. Jihoon oppa with the little girl was cute.


  4. that was nice and sweet will she have a very great experience with rain and yet i belive she will found her Idol when she grow up the flower girl who will rain be giving to this just make me smile when he talk and yet smile at same time who would wanted to pick his flower girl ahahah me me me !! RIGHT HERE !! 🙂
    RAIN ALWAY ADORBLE TO HIS GRIL gotta hug that one of a kind daddy ^_^


  5. I think that they made a mistake choosing a girl too young to appreciate that experience to the fullest. I know she enjoyed Rain’s company cuz she said that she admired him but that’s all she can get out of it. A teenager or a young woman, on the other hand, can get a mature view of Rain and understand better the opportunity of being there with him. I know that there were lots of fans there desperate to be with Rain, specially when its the last few concerts before his MS.


  6. Either way, that little girl will never forget this experience.


  7. Either somebody picked the girl in a hurry or blind as a bat and didn’t see til it was too late to pick somebody else or they did it on purpose to laugh about it backstage after the show was over. You know how guys are….so silly sometimes. (SMILES)


  8. Who ever picked the girl that night was either new to picking out girls on the spot or blind. One of the two, but Bi is charmer either way. (SMILES)


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