[post] “Men In MBLAQ” goes off without a hitch!

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Well, the Boys have now thrown their hat in the concert ring as their hyung not only looked on, but wholeheartedly gave his support. Way to go, young eagles! Certainly it was a night that you’ll never forget! 😀


Allkpop 8/20/2011 — by Vitalsign

Rain Attends MBLAQ’s ‘MEN IN MBLAQ’ concert despite tight schedule

On August 20th, MBLAQ kicked off their first ever concert, ‘MEN IN MBLAQ’, to the cheers of 7,000 fans and their one and only mentor, Rain.

Despite being in the midst of preparations for his movie and his own nationwide tour, Rain made sure to take time away from his busy schedule to attend MBLAQ’s concert. When asked how he felt, he replied, “I’m nervous for them, but I feel great.”

Rain was reported to have sat in the audience and monitored the boys, making comments to staff like, “The piano sounds a bit quiet”, when Seungho was playing the piano; “He raised the atmosphere well”, when Mir was DJ-ing; and “Isn’t the dance a bit difficult?” when the members were teaching the audience the steps to their dance.

Unlike other idol concerts, MBLAQ cut down on the commenting and video displays by instead opting to perform as much of their album’s songs as possible. G.O. performed his ballad, “Even In My Dreams“, while Seungho showed off his amazing piano skills. Mir transformed into a DJ to amplify the atmosphere while Lee Joon performed a sexy dance with a female dancer.

The crowd cheered the boys on for the entire two hours. One Japanese fan named Yukari said, “I know that MBLAQ placed first on the Oricon chart with their Japanese debut single, ‘Your Luv’. They’re definitely a charming group. I love G.O.’s smooth voice and Thunder’s baby smile.”

At the end of the concert, Rain commented, “The boys pulled off the concert as much as they’ve been preparing.”

MBLAQ will be heading overseas for their Asian tour after their Seoul concert.

Source + Photos: Asia Today via Nate, Newsen / Tip: BLAQee

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7 Responses to “[post] “Men In MBLAQ” goes off without a hitch!”

  1. So proud of the guys they did a good job and I’m sure JiHoon was happy with them.


  2. so glad Papa Rain attended their concert. I’ve seen the fancams and Mblaq did well


  3. Jihoon is a great metor and big brother to MBLAQ.


  4. i’ve been watching fancams of MBLAQ’s concert and they really did rock the house. soooooooooooo talented, which reflects Rain’s creative juices.


  5. yep, they got a lot to be smiling about…..sharing each other’s successes. Rain’s Pusan Lady ranking #1 across the music charts and MBLAQ’s truly successful concerts. i could just imagine Rain watching and brimming with pride to see the fruit of his dream back in ’07 (when he first announced he would produce a boy group), train and sponsor them his self.

    they boys had been tweeting Rain off and on, saying the missed him, wanted to have a meal with him and asking him to return after his own successful concert. so here they are, grinning and happy. does my heart good.


  6. Aww that was so sweet of Rain to make sure he attended thier first concert. Rain is such an excellent mentor and friend to them. I am so happy that thier first concert went very well. I know that Rain is so proud of them.


  7. Awwww they look soo happy together!!! Rain must be soo proud and thrilled seeing his boys doing well on their first concert. I am sure he enjoyed seeing the A go insane with the boys singing and dancing; after all he taught them well. Kekekeke


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