[article] Rain, BbaekGa, and cute KyuSang hit the sand!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

What else needs to be said except these are wonderful pictures! And that Rain and BbaekGa tweeting them themselves makes the pictures even more special. Thanks, guys. 🙂


Financial News, Korean Economy/News Nate 8/21/2011 — [English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

[Images credit: 29rain@Twitter, by100 @Twitter]

Behind the scenes, Rain goes to the Sockcho beach, having a thrill

Singer Rain enjoyed his fleeting summer vacation.

Rain put a picture on his Twitter on the 21st, posting a comment, “While the movie was being filmed on location near Sockcho (a seaside region), I could not resist the temptation to the beach (in the region) and fell for the temptation for a while. Those remaining on the set wouldn’t know how much it was very thrilling..Puhahaha.”

In the picture, Rain is standing with the Sockcho beach as the backdrop, covering his head with a towel, wearing sunglasses, making a funny-cute expression, and holding up the V sign ..

Following, he put another picture on his Twitter, posting again, “Keke..I think I can go back to my high school days again^^ Wahoo..hallelujah~~~~”

In the picture, he is standing in a pose which is enough to outshine professional models, leaning against a wall a banner saying “Guest House” hanging over.

In particular, his gorgeous six-packs on his skin tanned brown by the sun only with a pair of swimming trunks on, attracts attention.

Netizens responded to the post, “There’s no way his body could have been unseen~” “I ought to have been there.” “Cute Rain !” ” Is he Baegka who stands before Rain? ” “No one didn’t recognize Rain? No, it’s impossible” “He really seemed to take a good rest..Those remaining on the set must be kicking themselves now. (because they didn’t followed after him.)”

Meanwhile, Rain’ll hold his ‘The Best Show’ in Daegu upcoming August 27th.

~ by Cloud USA on August 21, 2011.

9 Responses to “[article] Rain, BbaekGa, and cute KyuSang hit the sand!”

  1. Gorgeous!


  2. good to eat.


  3. YES!! YES!1 YES!! baby boo …!!
    oh hallelujah the right that sexy abs and tan what more can u not see u just like to killed all of us here serious i am itching here and nated to run my finger all over that sculpture body of him from top to bottom damit!!!
    all am say *Lollipop* and speachlesssssssssss MERCY!! :P)


  4. This man is continually showing me drawstrings! I thought I was cured but alas, I realize I must continue with my S.P.A. (String Pullers Anonymous) meetings, cause I’m about to “fall of the wagon” and onto Ji-Hoon’s nether regions!

    Yeah, yeah Terri I know…..I bought some band-aids for you, cause I remember the cuts you got from my cheese last time. (SMILES)


  5. Dang Rain look so darn SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. I will gladly volunteer to “read” Rain swimming trunks…..looks like a newspaper. 😉


  7. Gawd I am drooling like a three year baby with a popcicle!!! Mercy!!!


  8. Yes Rain, hallelujah is the word to use for you 🙂 sexy man rain!!


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