Rain Ad campaign of the day: TBJ Summer Fashion, 2003.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

**EDITED TO CORRECT 4/12/2020: Ooops!! I stumbled here. Rain did indeed model for TBJ in 2005, but that campaign was by himself. THIS ONE was in 2003 (just saw the behind the scenes interview). Sorry, y’all! ^@@^

With Shin MinAh (his leading lady in A Love To Kill) and Cha TaeHyun.

(Images source: tracycutie @Shin MinAh’s SOOMPI Thread)

~ by Cloud USA on August 20, 2011.

7 Responses to “Rain Ad campaign of the day: TBJ Summer Fashion, 2003.”

  1. Very nice pictures.


  2. Rain look so sexy! Rain and Minah look so darn good together. She is a very pretty women. I am not really familar with the other guy. Not to sound mean but I think they made a mistake in putting him in some of the pictures. He really did not add anything to the pics. Rain over powered his presence in all the pics.


  3. Rain looks great as usual ^^ is this before-during-after Ijuksa? Rain has different hair style.
    That other guy is Cha TaeHyun, I watched his ‘My Sassy Girl’ ^^


  4. Can you see this picts and not mention SEXILICIOUS? I don’t think so…gawd Rain and Shin Min Ah looked so good together!!! I wish they can do another series!! I am sorry but the other guy is just there like a decoration in the wall. Rain’s strong charistma drowns him and Shin Min Ah’s delicate beauty goes better with
    Rain’s strong presence.


  5. awawaaw!! CUTE yup i love rain & Shin MinAh in A LOVE TO KILL just just talking about rain only as in this L-drama it true he fall in love with her bad also want his revange fo his brother he may look dirty and mean in their but dang rain such a good actor in their he nile it so well love Kang Bok-gu character he such meltting me everything he in his anger mood i and for me i keep watching that more then 3 time ahah actually i have all his K-drama collection ekek now i am Hwating for


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