[clip][MV] Awesome BbaekGa moment of the day: “…they just refer to me as Rain’s friend.” :)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

“I’m a celebrity too, but they just refer to me as Rain’s friend…”

BbaekGa, BbaekGa, BbaekGa! At times you are as hilarious as your best buddy, dude! 😀 (And that’s not easy because Rain is such a ham and a half, geez LOL)

The truth of it is, though… you are MORE than just Rain’s friend to us. You always have been.

Seeing you come back this past week, with Koyote, is such a sweet, sweet victory in light of the very real dangers you faced the past two years. We knew that the military would only have you for so long, so that wasn’t bad, but the meningioma diagnosis was a whole other ballgame and it scared us. Really scared us. We, Rain, your family and friends and the world were faced with the possibility of losing you, as serious as it was. And when you survived the surgery, by the grace of God, it was then a question of your quality of life and we could only pray for the best.

When you began working again as a photographer, and so quickly, we applauded you.

When you took the ZEPP stage with Rain and the Crew in Japan and actually danced full out again, we cried for joy.

Now here you are, with your band mates, coming back as an artist with your handsome self, and our hearts are bursting. I kid you not.

Dearest BbaekGa, congratulations on taking the lemons that Life handed you and making the sweetest lemonade out of them. We look forward to seeing more of what you have to offer as time goes on.  We’re so excited. Do well!

— Stephe ^@@^, Terri :-}, and Cloud USA 


[Koyote] – Good Good Time (Full HD Melon) .mp4. (courtesy of brian lau @YT). An English-subbed MV is HERE.

음악중심 : Koyote – Good Good Time, 코요태 – 굿 굿 타임, Music Core 20110910. (Video credit: MBC / MBCkpop @YT)


~ by Cloud USA on August 20, 2011.

9 Responses to “[clip][MV] Awesome BbaekGa moment of the day: “…they just refer to me as Rain’s friend.” :)”

  1. oh this was very cute song no wondering JJ selcet Baek-ga for the MV i gotta now isso nice esp the little say good good time yup it the right choice song to pict LIVE IT he is very cute here. baek-ga seem to enjoy his singing and dance too happy for and rain best firendship !! grin .. grin… 🙂 eekekek he is have a good time ..!


  2. Aww Bbaekga so good to see him having a good come back (CLAPPING)!!


  3. Oh I really am happy to see him doing well and restarting his career. I am sorry to say that since I’ve being following kpop only a year, I didn’t know that Bbaekga was a performer like Rain. I thought he was Rain’s friend. Lol!!! I saw him dancing and I thought that he was just one of Rain’s dancers and that’s why they knew each other. Ups, sorry!!


  4. as a longtime Koyote fan, nice to see him get some love…


  5. Yay for BbaekGa, having a “good time”…..get it? LOL
    Seriously so glad to see him doing so well, he’s been through so much.


  6. i had to watch the video like three times to realize that Bbaekga dance raininsm choreography when he makes the remark about being refer as Rain’s friend. Very nice song. Thank you ladies for sharing with the rest of the clouds.


  7. A very cute and fun song, I love it!!!!!!!


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