RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 20. Ah well, a Cloud can dream. Just kidding.

Written by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast 8/13. (caps by Stephe @CloudUSA)

Ah-hah—we’re still in mid-concert at Rain’s BEST Macao, and what a great way to start off… as the Man heads backstage for his famous Presto Change-o Clothing Teaseroo. ㅎㅎ Haha. *settles back in my chair and gets all comfy*

Don’t y’all wish that, just once, some kind soul would sneak up behind the cameraman, “accidentally” lose their balance and slam into him and as a consequence the camera suddenly swing back around before it’s supposed to and—BOOM! Boxers, briefs, or birthday best! *hears the choirs singing in heaven*

Talk about a shot heard ’round the world. The fan cams would circle the globe faster and more times than Christopher Reeve at the end of Superman 1. Ah, well… a Cloud can dream.

(Yes, yes, Rain would be mortified and I’m just kidding. Sort of. I’m certainly not wishing such a thing would actually happen. Not really.) *whistling Dixie*

*wondering if anyone is buying that crap*

And this is where we roll (on roller skates) into the sleek, retro-fitted part of the show. Matter of fact, if I were one of the Crew, that’s what I’d really want to do most—zip around on skates and generally have hellafun while Rain did his thing with the crowd. And I would have convinced him to pass me the bearskin to wear for part of “Fresh Woman.” For real! Ha, check out that Hoonie pout as he gets down during the sexy retro break that we all love at the end of the song. Straight-up attitude. ♥

Ah! We get some of that grittier, rocked out “Hip Song”! *thanks the RAINY DAY gods profusely* Dang, was that a smooth Superman move at minute marker 7:51 (when Jihoon snatched his vest off mid-step) or what? There should have been a HUGE “S” on his shirt underneath that thing! I love seeing the Women behind the Man out there tearing up “Hip Song” just like the guys. Awesome-Oh.

A little “Don’t Stop” and a little “Love Story”, and we are out of there, my friends.

See you all next episode! *giggle*

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(video source: jackjihoon @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 15, 2011.

8 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 20. Ah well, a Cloud can dream. Just kidding.”

  1. very clever.


  2. I will gladly wipe the sweat off of Rain or help him undress, i mean dress anytime. How does one apply for such a position?


    • Well, Merrick,

      Okay, I know this is going to be WAY more information that you even wanted, but hopefully it will be interesting to somebody here.

      Serving as a dresser was something I did occasionally during my theatre production days, in college. Usually, I got the job quite accidently. I’d be working props or costumes, and a stage manager would come up to me and say: “YOU. YOU are now a dresser for so-and-so. Go figure it out.”

      Being a dresser is one of the most STRESSFUL jobs backstage during a production, because during a live performance, you’ve only got SECONDS (minutes if it is a major change, but not THAT many minutes) to get someone in and out of their costume before they have to go back onstage. And you’d better make sure that you do it RIGHT or the consequences could be disastrous.

      One time, we were doing Anton Chekov’s The Good Doctor. It’s a period piece, and the lead fellow was dressed in a tux–tails and top hat, gloves, etc. I was in charge of his shirt, vest, jacket and gloves. Someone else was in charge of making sure he had his pants and shoes on, and still another girl made sure he had his hat and cane in his hand. All before he stepped back onstage.

      The guy would come offstage to the spot chosen for dressing. He would rip off his other costume. One girl would be kneeling at his feet with his pants and shoes at ready. He would step into his pants. While that was going, I was shoving his shirt on (then vest). He was in charge of buttoning everything up and straightening everything out for the most part. The vest went on and was buttoned. The gloves went on. The jacket went on. The cane hat were put in his hand and he was ready. (One trick to costuming is not to tightly secure anything hidden. So, the guy’s cuffs were left unbuttoned because his jacket arms covered them. Makes for easier changes.)

      Well, one night, the girl who was putting his shoes on put them on the WRONG FEET. So, the guy had to perform that entire next scene with his shoes on WRONG. LOL. He was a really nice guy, so he thought it was really funny, thank God. But we did have others who were not so nice about mistakes like that.

      One of the reasons that Rain does that one costume change in his show live, where everybody can see, is probably not only because he is trying to titillate the audience. It is probably also because it is a major costume change and someone, somewhere, probably decided that the long minutes that it took to actually do the change was too long for the audience to be sitting there in the dark without Rain being onstage. So, they thought ‘…hey, let’s do it on camera…! That way we can get the change done AND entertain the audience all at the same time.”

      Very clever if you ask me.

      Terri :-}


      • Clever, yeah for real. I mean the only thing that we would complain about is not having more eye candy. Like Stephe said….”a Cloud can dream.” LOL


      • Very interesting Terri. Besides Bi, I’ve only seen portions of backstage costume changing on a Janet Jackson behind the scenes documentary during one of her tours. You’re right, on the surface it does Seem Like a dream job, but it is super quick Presto
        Change-o! I did see her people use baby powder to combat the sweat. Don’t know if that’s still how it’s done, but it was interesting anyway. (SMILE)


      • Omg girl what a job to have, but quite frankly even I couldn’t do this job for Rain, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. hahahahaha

        I love these Rainy days. 😀

        @ BiA actually cornstarch is better for sweat.


  3. Stephe .. gracias por el maravilloso trabajo que estàn haciendo. Los comentarios siempre acertados y mi Prìncipe siempe fabuloso…


  4. LOL. I just can imagine the cameraman losing his balance and all… I, too, would like to see that. Just wishful thinking. Glad to know somebody thinking like I do. Ha ha ha!


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